Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Were Babies of Pro-Life Parents Wanted?

I need to dispel the myth in the tweet below. 


Pro-aborts seem to think pro-choice parents choosing which of their unborn babies will be allowed to take their first breath, while choosing death by abortion for others, is better than a pro-life parent choosing to love their babies whether they were planned (wanted) or not.

I think they’re misguided.  If my parents had been pro-choice, would I be better off knowing that I’m here because they didn’t make the choice to kill me in utero?  I think not.  I wouldn’t want to think of my parents as people who would choose death for any of their children.

My parents chose life for all the babies they had.  They chose to love all the babies they created.  That’s a choice I can live with.

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  1. Most of the people currently on Earth were unplanned. Doesn't mean they God doesn't have a plan for each one. One of the things I despise most about prochoice is their penchant for playing God.