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10 Things I'd Say To Pro-Aborts Who Blame Conservatives For Their Abortion

Recently, at AlterNet, Amanda Marcotte listed 10 'realities' pro-choicers should 'throw in the face' of pro-lifers.  @TheNatFantastic from Twitter, has asked me to respond to this article.  Listed below are the 10 'realities', with a snippet from each, and my pro-life response to them.

1) Most abortions take place early in pregnancy.

Additionally, the growth of medical abortion means a much larger percentage of abortions---62% overall---take place before the 9th week of pregnancy. In fact, in most abortions, the term “fetus” is incorrect, as doctors classify it as an embryo until the 11th week of pregnancy. At 8 weeks, and embryo is about ½ an inch long, and at 12 weeks, the fetus is a little over 2 inches long. In contrast, a full-term baby is an average 20 inches long, a full 40 times larger than the size of the average embryo during an abortion.

This is the most common arbitrary argument of the pro-aborts.  They believe it's ok to kill them, based strictly on their size and level of development.  What they don't seem to understand, is that an 8 week embryo, is the same human being he/she is at full term.  Embryos have all the genetic material required to determine their sex, skin tone, hair color, even the color of their eyes.  Abortion erases that tiny innocent human being from the planet.

2) If not for anti-choicers, even more women would get abortions much earlier in their pregnancies.

Most women want to terminate unwanted pregnancies as soon as possible, but there are some women who wait until 12 or 16 or even 20 weeks to terminate a pregnancy for elective reasons. Why do about 10% of women having abortions wait until early in their second trimester? It’s not because they’re stupid or indifferent to the growing fetus inside them. Research indicates that women delay having abortions because they have trouble deciding, they struggle to come up with the funds, and because they may have to travel and overcome legal obstacles to get an abortion.

This is no more than blaming pro-lifers for later term abortions.  The argument here, is that if pro-lifers would make it easier for women to have earlier abortions, they would.  Remember, pro-life is against abortion at any stage.  Knowing that most pro-aborts also struggle with the concept of later term abortions, gives pro-lifers hope that at some point, it will be unacceptable to kill a developing human being, at any stage.

3) Doctors perform late term abortions because of medical indications, often on women who desperately wanted the baby.

the rule of thumb with abortion is, “The later the termination, the higher the odds that the woman needed it for medical reasons.” Indeed, doctors who perform abortions after 24 usually require, as a matter of practice and of law, that the women have medical necessity reasons for abortion. Before he died, Dr. George Tiller had to have a second doctor confirm every diagnosis of a medical condition allowing post-24 week abortions.

Medical reasons?  Perhaps a diagnosis of Down-Syndrome?  Cleft palate?  Granted, there are worse fetal anomalies, such as spina bifida.  None warrant the killing of an innocent human being.  Who did Dr. Tiller use for that second opinion?  Dr. Ann Kristin Neuhaus.  Well, let's be honest.  To have a diagnosis confirmed, a woman would need to see a specialist, not an abortionist.  Dr. Neuhaus didn't 'confirm' any diagnosis.  What she did, was supply Dr. Tiller with a legally required second signature.  What Dr. Tiller did, was rid women of less than perfect babies.

4) Women who get abortions aren’t afraid of being mothers.

Anti-choice protesters like to shout at women going into clinics about how they would really like motherhood if they tried it out. In reality, women who have abortions are fully cognizant of the joys and pains of motherhood; 61% of women having abortion are already mothers.

The 61% figure, is often used by pro-aborts in an attempt to justify terminating succeeding pregnancies.  They just don't understand the concept that whether it's the 1st, or the 15th pregnancy, all of the fetuses are just as much human as the ones privileged enough to be born, and all deserve the same respect, and the same right to life. 

5) Abortion is physically safe.

The truth is that abortion is a simple outpatient procedure that’s on the high end of safety for a medical procedure. The vast majority of abortions have no complications at all, and abortion is considered many times safer than childbirth.

Pro-aborts don't talk about the women who died due to having an abortion.  The truth is, there have been hundreds of them.  While abortion may be a relatively safer procedure for women today, it is never safe for the tiny human suctioned from the womb, and it never has been.

6) Abortion is mentally safe.

repeated studies show not only that abortion doesn’t cause depression, but that giving birth can. In fact, mental illness can be a medical indicator for abortion; for women for whom giving birth can aggravate mental health problems, an abortion is often necessary to prevent further degradation of their mental health.

Once again, childbirth results in a live baby, abortion results in a dead baby.  As for 'abortion doesn’t cause depression', it surely can, and does.  You may have heard of the pro-life "Silent No More Awareness Campaign", or the pro-choice "Exhale", 'an after abortion counseling talk-line'.  Both were created because abortion can, and often does affect the mental health of the women who chose that option.

7) Women who get abortions take responsibility for their decision.

The truth is that women who get abortions know that they’re terminating a pregnancy and are determined to do it long before they set foot in the doctor’s office.

I found this particular 'reality' out of context as relating to what was written along with with.  But I will touch on what is there, an attack on the mandatory use of ultrasound.  If there is one woman who changes her mind after seeing her baby on the ultrasound screen, it is worth it.

8) Abortion providers are responsible medical professionals who work to make sure their patients are healthy and avoid future unintended pregnancies.

Your average abortion costs around $500. The average cost of childbirth is 17 times as much.

Interesting comparison, considering a surgical abortion takes only a few minutes, and doesn't concern the health and well-being of the fetus.  Childbirth on the other hand, is often a long and difficult process, and usually occurs in a hospital, fully staffed with obstetrical doctors and nurses, and equipped for any emergency.  How much is your baby's life worth?  What about the mother?  Indeed, abortion is a cheap way out of the responsibilities of motherhood.

as the nation’s single largest provider of abortions, Planned Parenthood, is a non-profit.

'Non-profit' is a tax status.  It does not mean a business can't profit from the services they provide. 

Additionally, Planned Parenthood works tirelessly to reduce the abortion rate by promoting sex education and contraception,

But does that promotion do any good? 

I will let the following two statements from Guttmacher, Facts on Induced Abortion in the United States, speak for themselves.

"Each year, two percent of women aged 15–44 have an abortion. Half have had at least one previous abortion". 

"Fifty-four percent of women who have abortions had used a contraceptive method (usually the condom or the pill) during the month they became pregnant." 

9) Women get abortions because they’re being responsible.

Abortion is often characterized, even by some pro-choicers, as the result of women’s irresponsibility. Women are assumed to get pregnant because they were being irresponsible, and all too often, abortion is characterized as the “easy way out”. The truth is more complex. More than half of women getting abortions were trying to prevent pregnancy by using a contraception method the month they got pregnant.

What part of irresponsibility do pro-aborts not get?  "Fifty-four percent of women who have abortions had used a contraceptive method (usually the condom or the pill) during the month they became pregnant."  Does this mean they were acting responsibly?  Not if they didn't use the condom 100% of the time, and not if they didn't take 'the pill', every day, on time.  Condoms are 98% effective when used correctly.  Birth Control pills, are 99% effective when used correctly.  If you have access to either method, and still became pregnant, there is a 98% - 99% chance that you were irresponsible.

10) Conservative policies cause the abortion rate to be higher than it needs to be.

Women aren’t getting pregnant on purpose so they can enjoy an expensive suctioning of their uterine lining. So why are there 1.2 million abortions a year in America?

46% of women who get abortions weren’t using a contraceptive method the month they got pregnant, indicating that conservative policies that discourage regular contraception use---everything from abstinence-only education to objecting to any measures that make contraception cheaper and easier to obtain---have been effective in keeping women from using contraception as regularly as they should.

In a pro-aborts mind, it's MY fault you got pregnant!  It's time to stop this blame game, and ask every young man and woman to take responsibility for themselves.  And if they should fail to do so, take responsibility for the new life they created. 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Real Life Effect of Pro-Choice Propaganda

I was just reading "Small Town Activist", a post by ProChoiceGal on the Abortion Gang blog.  This type of post saddens me.  To see someone so lost in the world of 'pro-choice activism', that they shun all the good people around them, is heart wrenching!

It was not easy for me to “come out” as an adamant pro-choicer, but when I did, I had no regrets whatsoever. “Coming out” incited a lot of people to also share their opinions on abortion with me, and with that, I got to find out who the pro-choicers are. Yes, my area is so conservative I feel as if I have to take a bath after being in crowded areas, but I found out that there are more pro-choicers out there than I thought. Not only that, but being very vocal about my pro-choice beliefs ended up scaring away a lot of the anti-choicers in my life. So basically, there are more pro-choicers in my life and less antis. It’s a win-win situation. (emphasis is mine)

She also stated:

I live in an area where I know only a small handful of pro-choicers

...which to me means, she has very few real life friends.  What a lonely life she must lead.  This is what is so saddening about a post like this. It shows what can happen when you get totally absorbed by rhetoric, and forget about the people in your life that matter, no matter which side they're on. 

I have previously mentioned ProChoiceGal on this blog. You should check it out.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pro-Choice Supports Hatred For The Unborn

I don't know which bothers me more.  The fact that this pro-abort admits she doesn't care that a 16 week fetus has clearly defined genitalia, or the fact that other pro-aborts support her, in her apparent hatred for the unborn.  You don't think so?  Yes they do, and they would support her if she said the same about an 8 month fetus.  They would support her if she was 8 months pregnant herself, and wanted an abortion.  They would support her by finding an abortionist to do the job.  They would support her by helping her fund the abortion.  YES THEY WOULD!


Did you know at 16 weeks, besides having clearly defined genitalia, a human fetus hears external voices, sleeps and dreams?  Pretty cool huh! Watch the video below, and keep in mind that IT IS LEGAL TO KILL THAT BABY FOR ANY REASON!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mitt Romney - Pro-Life Today, Pro-Choice When It Suits Him

*Special thanks for the video to Leslie

Abortion Advocates Terrified of GOP Candidates

Do you think pro-aborts aren't worried about the effect the GOP nomination will have on them?  Clearly, they are.


This is why is it so important to get a good pro-life candidate front and center.  We have the momentum, but we must put someone into power that can finish the job.  No flip-floppers welcome!

#ProChoicer @PeriodPiece Uses Deceitful Twitter Tactics

For the record.... @PeriodPiece has a history of creating deceitful tweets to make it look like prolifers said something, when in fact they didn't.  This is one example.  Feel free to let me know if you have others to add.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Feminism Sacrificed Respect for Women

I believe all women should have the right to earn equal pay, for equal work.  I believe women should not be over-looked for the job of CEO, as long as she earns that position, and is suitable for it.  I believe women should be able to work a construction job, or drive an 18-wheeler is she so chooses.  She should be able to operate a back-hoe or be a fire-fighter, if she chooses.  Feminists want to be equal to men, and in doing so, have lost respect for being a woman. 

That is not something I am willing to give up.  As a woman, I appreciate men opening doors for me.  I appreciate men showing their respect (and how strong they are) by volunteering to change the flat tire on my car.  I appreciate men who work from sun up to sun down, supporting their families.  I also appreciate women who work 24/7 keeping the home running.  Women often work a full time job, and run their home as well.  Women are capable of so many things, and should be respected for all of them. 

But the one thing women can do that men can't, is have a baby.  Women were built for this, biologically.  In gaining equality, feminists have lost respect for their femininity.  And worse, they sacrificed respect for my femininity, all for their cause.  They didn't ask me what I wanted, they just took it. 

So this tweet the other day was no surprise, but it was still sad to see.

"Welcome to equality"  - The gist of the conversation went like this.






In the world of feminism, men calling women a "misogynistic idiot" is approved, even applauded.  "Name calling ends the argument", unless of course you're the one(s) doing the name calling. 

In the world of pro-choice feminism, double standards are a standard.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Reaching Out In North-East Ohio

A guest post by Sarah Mindek

My personal experience with crisis pregnancy centers hasn't been the best, and I wasn't even going in to get help. After reading about the pro-life movement & hearing about the violence that is abortion, I knew I wanted to help. I felt a calling. I didn't want to just sit back & talk about how awful I thought abortion was, I wanted to do something to make it go away.

After graduating high school I did some research on local organization that were pro-life and helped women who were considering abortion. The first place I saw was a place called New Life Maternity Home. I thought this would be a wonderful place to give my time and be able to interact with women that were possibly going through a hard time, but trying to do the right thing for their unborn child. When I went for my initial visit of the facility and to get volunteer paperwork I was given a tour, and spoke with the director of the home. I was very excited to help, but I felt like my reception was less than welcome.

When I mentioned I wanted to help directly with the women who would be staying at the home, I was told flat out that I was too young (I was 19 at the time), and that the only jobs I could do were sort donations of baby clothes & products or help with meals ( both of which had no contact with the women). When I mentioned upon seeing the tutoring/school room of the house that I was very good at English and I would like to help the girls who hadn't graduated high school with English assignments so they could get their GED's I was again told I was too young to have any involvement with the women staying at the house no matter how good I was with English.

After getting home and looking at the volunteer paperwork I was required to fill out I was discouraged by the amount of personal and religious information I was required to put down. I felt rejected in a way, like I wasn't holy enough to be involved. All I wanted to do was help and share my talents with women who needed them. So I let the applications sit and eventually I forgot about them and they got thrown out or lost. I went on with my everyday life.

Then (a few years later) I heard about a CPC that was opening closer to where I lived (the maternity home was a bit further away) and I grew very excited. It seemed like the opportunity I'd been waiting for had finally come. I called "Your Pregnancy Resource Center" and set up an appointment to get a tour and the necessary paperwork to volunteer at the site. To my dismay when I went in I discovered the same woman who had been the director of the maternity home was now leading this CPC. I was shocked.

Everyone that was a volunteer (that I saw that day) had white hair & seemed extremely uptight. I didn't feel welcome at all. How would a girl my age feel coming in with an unplanned pregnancy?? She'd be surrounded by overly religious grandmothers who completely looked down on her and made her feel uncomfortable.

I didn't know what to do and I didn't want to be rude so I toured the facility, got my paperwork and left. Reading over this set of volunteer papers made me feel even less worthy to work there (and I'd felt pretty bad a few years ago). I wish I still had the papers because all I can remember specifically from reading them is the feeling of despair that washed over me. I wasn't good enough to help, I wasn't religious enough, I wasn't chaste enough, I wasn't old enough (still). It depressed me.

It also made me feel like this organization was out in our community making the pro-life movement look bad & probably not helping very many girls. It probably even helped to reinforce some of the girls who reached out to pro-choice beliefs. Maybe all some of the girls wanted was some tangible help to keep their baby & they went in and had a zealot shoving religion down their throat. I know how I'd feel if that were the case, it would drive me in the complete opposite direction! So again, that application and chance to volunteer got set aside and forgotten to other everyday things. Some more years went by and I'd almost given up hope for the local movement.

Then one day on twitter, Michael Homula contacted me & said basically he liked what I tweeted. We struck up a conversation and I found out he was the executive director of ICU mobile, an international mobile crisis pregnancy outreach organization based in Akron, Ohio. They get RV's and outfit them with an ultrasound unit and patient consult room which can then be taken and parked in front of an abortion facility, a campus, or anywhere else that women might be at.

I was extremely impressed with the way they executed their mission. While they are an evangelical organization, I felt no pressure or rejection to be something I wasn't, or bad about where I was at in my personal religious journey. I met with Michael a few times and he expressed interest at having me be a part of his team. When I told him about the previous experiences I'd had with my local CPC he was shocked. He didn't think I was too young to help out, in fact he said he thought my age was advantageous since I could more easily relate to the young women we were trying to help.

I was thrilled to finally be accepted for who I was and what I had to offer. Since I wasn't done with school to be a licensed diagnostic medical sonographer (I'll be writing another post specifically about that journey) I wanted to be a patient advocate & talk to the girls about what abortion is, what the procedure is like and why they should keep their baby. I feel that I have strong communication skills & some background in human sexuality and the human body (I've taken a few college classes specifically anatomy & physiology and human sexuality) so I'm not ignorant of what I'm talking about.

Well, the way things worked out, I wouldn't be able to get into ICU's training classes until the fall. Michael suggested that I check out the new CPC in my area until then. I asked "what new CPC?", and he said Bella Women's Center was taking over Your Pregnancy Resource Center. I was so pleased. I got the contact information for the new director of the center and was able to get a hold of her on the phone that very day. We had a long conversation about my past experiences & what I was looking for. I was very encouraged by her answers to my questions, so for the third time I agreed to go in for a tour & to get a volunteer packet. I was shocked by the renovations they had done to the building (it looked so much more inviting & professional) and speaking with the director I felt that our objectives (the CPC and my own personal) were not that different.

Like ICU, Bella Women's Center is evangelical, but I also didn't feel ashamed for my lack of faith. I understood their position and was able to express my concerns (and even felt very respected for my contribution & conversation). The facility just opened up to seeing patients last month so getting in to volunteer has been slow going, but unlike before, I'm not discouraged. There are still some kinks to work out in the way the site operates and I know that helping the girls that come to the center is the top priority. Unlike "Your Pregnancy Resource Center", Bella Women's Center is more medically focused.

They have an RN and a sonographer on staff, and test patients for STD's for free, offer pregnancy tests for free and free ultrasounds to determine fetal age. At Your Pregnancy Resource Center, they only offered store bought pregnancy tests for free. They seemed to be more focused on guilting a woman in to keeping her baby by pelting her with religious arguments rather than offering her medically accurate facts & tangible support. Bella Women's Center also offers adoption referrals which they aren't compensated for. If you'd like more information on what Bella offers & what they do in their own words, you can check them out here- .

So I got my volunteer packet all filled out for Bella, I just have to drop it off. I'm really hoping that the third time's the charm here & that I can finally have my actions  back up my words.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Is There A Problem With Crisis Pregnancy Centers?

This is an issue that has been bugging me for awhile.  I somehow don't think I'm alone in this concern.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers are SUPPOSED to be there to help women who have, well, crisis pregnancies.  I would hope the majority do, but I also realize there are exceptions.  We've all heard stories of CPC's lying to women about their gestation.  I've read far too many not to believe a problem exists.

For example, this article at Whole Womans Health, the title being "Pregnancy Centers & One Lie’s Consequences", tells the story of a young women who went to a CPC, and was told she was only 2 weeks pregnant, when it turns out she had been 18 weeks pregnant.  Yes, I find the story a bit far-fetched, but I thought it was worth sharing.

“They told me I was only 2 weeks at the first place, just 2 weeks ago – but then this other clinic I just went to told me I was 20.”

Why a 16 week discrepancy?  Well, the pro-aborts would say it's an effort by 'pro-life extremists', to get the woman beyond the 24 week legal limit, thereby saving the life of her baby.  Whether I agree or disagree with the methodology, I can't deny the fact that the CPC's efforts may have saved the life of the child. 

The young woman then went to a pro-choice women's clinic, and was told she was actually 20 weeks pregnant.  After the pro-aborts help with pooling all the financial assistance required, the womans baby was killed. She was again free to live her life.

The article goes on to demonize the CPC, and more or less blame them for the extreme cost of the late term abortion. 

Because of this particular lie, this woman’s surgery costs about $2,000 dollars more than she initially thought that it would. This woman has to drive more than 400 miles to the nearest clinic that will be able to legally do her procedure. She will pay ~$140 more dollars for gas, and ~$100 more for a hotel – and let’s just hope she has a friend that’s willing to take her. She and her escort will miss 2 days of work, at the least. This is just the surface of the new list of things she now has to take care of before she’s able to have a procedure. (emphasis is my own)

The sad fact is, young pro-choicers, both male and female, take this demonization for what it says, without so much as thinking about it logically.  What if the CPC had told the woman the truth when she went there?  She was allegedly 18 weeks pregnant at the time.  Think about it.  How much less would it have cost her to have an abortion at 18 weeks, rather than at 20 weeks? My guess is, not much.

While I don't agree with CPC's lying to women, I don't agree with pro-choice writer's lying about CPC's either.  When push comes to shove, women who have no familial support, and want to keep their babies, have no place to go, except their community CPC.  Though not perfect by a long shot, they are at least on the side of life.

I think we can all do better.