Friday, July 6, 2012

Reaching Out For Pro-Life Help - From South Africa

I received an email some time ago from N.K.B.  She was gracious to allow me to share it with you.  Your advice is requested.


I have been searching for a South African Pro Life blog or site that I could contribute to or find up to date information on abortion stat's etc but so far I have found a few that have very little info and any stat's they have only go back as far as 2008. It's hard to find any Pro Life organizations here that are either still operating or who actually make an effort to provide information if you ask for it.

I only become Pro Life last year when I came across a bunch of people arguing about abortion on Twitter, I had heard of the term abortion before but for some reason never bothered to investigate further. I had no idea how horrible it was...I decided to do some research and ever since then I have taken on any Pro "Choice" person I have come across. I have learnt how absolutely full of nonsense they are, especially when it comes to their Pro Abortion reasoning and in fact I've been called a women hater about a million times....this has all only happened online as I have yet to come
across any pro life or pro choice people in South Africa who will actually go out and take a stand, join marches or anything. I know there are Pro Lifer's who sit outside the abortion clinics here but it is in no way enough to change the laws here regarding abortion. So many people are ignorant when it comes to issues like abortion and it's annoying me.

The culture of death here is just as prevalent as it is across the world and the absolute ignorance when it comes to using protection during sex is just almost unbelievable. I get so sick of hearing about women having to go for backstreet abortions or the countless women that are dumping their live newborn babies into anything they can find, toilets, buckets, name it. In fact there have been many occasions where people driving along the road have seen women putting their babies into the storm drains and leaving them there and that's hardly the worst of it.  There is no point in trying to get the idea of abstinence across to the people here as it is still the culture of some men here to sleep with/rape loads of women who then become pregnant.

Some may argue that the number of babies being aborted here is still a relatively small number compared to the rest of the world and that we shouldn't worry about it but I disagree because the fact that over a million innocent lives have been taken through abortion since it was legalized here is more than enough for people to stand up and say it's time to stop the murdering.

I would love to start a Pro Life NPO here and do everything in my power to make a difference in changing people's minds about abortion. I knew someone who had an abortion and when she told me I was completely shocked, I had spent over 10 years of my life as her friend but I never knew she would go to those sorts of measures to get rid of a child because it was an inconvenience to her. I want people to stop thinking of babies in the womb as aliens or lumps of tissue as so many pro abortion doctors will have you refer to them as....people need to know that life begins at conception and that even though our government seems to take no stand for either side we need to make the change that will get the abortion laws

You will never find news of abortions gone wrong here or have Pro Life marches broadcast on television because this country doesn't seem to care either way and if someone disagrees with that then I would like to know what is actually being done and what groups and organizations that are not American are doing here. I want to know what South African groups are doing to change the killing.... I want my daughters to be able to talk to their friends about the evil that abortion is and have information to give them and suggest groups they can join to make a difference. I want the only outcome of women's choices to be living ones.



This is so sad.  That people can become this complacent when it comes to unborn, and even born babies.

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