Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pro-Choice Supports Murder

So you think pro-choice doesn’t support women who commit murder?  They clearly do.  The tweet below, which I fully expect to go viral in the pro-choice community, tells it all. #freeBeiBeiimage

From the Washington Post (as linked in the tweet):

A Chinese immigrant who Indiana prosecutors say ate rat poison when she was eight months pregnant rejected a plea agreement Friday that would have negated a murder charge in her newborn baby’s death.


Shuai was eight months pregnant on Dec. 23, 2010, when she ate rat poison after her boyfriend broke up with her. Shuai was hospitalized and doctors detected little wrong with the unborn child’s health for the first few days. The premature girl, Angel Shuai, was delivered by cesarean section Dec. 31, but died from bleeding in the brain three days later after being removed from life support.

imageSo a clearly distraught woman, who was abandoned by her boyfriend, attempted suicide.  This doesn’t change the fact that in doing so, she caused the death of her baby.  Unnamed women’s rights groups have stood up to defend Bei Bei Shuai, saying:

a conviction in the case could set a precedent by which pregnant women could be prosecuted for smoking or other behavior that authorities deemed a danger to their unborn child.

And not getting a conviction could set a precedent by which pregnant women who use cocaine during pregnancy, are not held responsible for the life growing inside them, even when the unborn child dies.

How far gone are pro-choice feminists who support actual murder?  Well, if you’re guessing “going, going, gone!”.. you'd be close.


  1. Holy God. They get more deluded every day.

  2. Deluded enough to defend infanticide, the murder of BORN babies. You know you've heard it from them, so have I.