Monday, August 27, 2012

Economics Is No Excuse To Kill, Except When A Pro-Abort Says It Is

There are too many orphans in the world. No one can argue that. What we disagree on, is that killing them before they're born helps them. Tempibones apparently thinks it does.

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Right to Know Abortion Facts | New Feminism

It seems the answer to the debate regarding induced abortion increasing a womans risk of getting breast cancer, could be answered with ONE question asked of women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. One question! Have you had an induced abortion in the past?

The Right to Know Abortion Facts | New Feminism

Sunday, August 19, 2012

To Pro-Choice, Abortion = Never Existing

Except that the human embryo DOES exist before it's killed by abortion. Why don't they get that?

The Alternative To "Choose Life" Is...

What is the alternative of "choose life" if not "choose death"? Seriously? This is the problem pro-aborts face when trying to deny abortion causes death.

You Might Be A Liberal if You Think A Pat On The Head Is A Beating

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Abortion Proponents Use Dead Teenager To Further Abortion Agenda

By now, you’ve all heard about the 16 year old in the Dominican Republic, who died from complications of leukemia.  As the doctor stated in the video below, she had a very poor prognosis when she was admitted to the hospital, not so much because she was pregnant, but because of the characteristics of her kind of leukemia.  

But would the pro-aborts pass up a chance to scream that a pro-life law, such as they have in the Dominican Republic, kills women?  No, of course they wouldn’t!  Here are a few of the tweets I’m referring to.




You get the idea.  All the tweets carry the same message, that the girl died because she couldn’t have an abortion.  This is nonsense.  Would an abortion followed by chemo have saved her? It's unlikely, due to the severity of the leukemia. Unfortunately, we will never know.

For the record, it would have been acceptable, even preferable, for her to have received chemo when she was initially diagnosed with leukemia, whether or not she was pregnant.  The chemo may have caused her to miscarry, but the chance of saving the girls life would have been greater.  Or, she and the baby may have died anyway, but they also may have both lived.

Amanda Marcotte Equates Being Pro-Choice With Being A Slut

I wonder how many Pro-Choice women (and men) cringed when they saw this tweet by pro-abortion Amanda Marcotte.


Disclaimer: What is written below is to no way indicate I support the “choice” of abortion, because I don’t.

I for one, know that the “pro-choice” movement, supports all choices, including birth and abortion.  There are clearly many, many pro-choice people who support the movement, not for them-selves, but for other women. 

According to Amanda, if you would never consider having an abortion for yourself, then you are placing yourself above those who would.  You are ‘better’ than they are.  You look at women who abort as sluts.

It will be interesting to watch the backlash from her statement.  Here’s an example, albeit a mild one.  Her response did more damage, in my opinion, than helped the situation.


I cringe at the thought of pro-choice women and men defending her statement.  Hopefully, they won’t.  I also hope this brings to light the thinking of those ‘at the top’ of the pro-choice movement, women like Amanda Marcotte.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Roe Is Not About Rape

Because this is an opinion letter, and will probably be deleted soon, I am posting it in it’s entirety.

From the Pueblo Chieftain

Letters: Roe v. Wade

Since so many in Washington would like to cancel Roe v. Wade, I would like to know what their logic is. Any girl or woman should be allowed the morning-after pill as soon as possible if they have been raped or coerced into having sex.

I have wondered for many years how men would feel if they were rape victims and they could get pregnant. Could they handle carrying a child for nine months?

If they did, how would they treat a child forced on them by rape?

Could they give it up for adoption?

In the 1930s, ’40s, ’50s and ’60s, if a woman was raped, it was considered to be her own fault. If she had an abortion, many times she was unable to have another child if she lived through the surgery.

Many of those girls were in their teens and had never been told about sex, and had not been given the chance to decide if they wanted a child at such a young age.

I was glad to see Roe v. Wade become law. It prevented a lot of women from having to go through carrying a child to term and having to give it away, or have a back-street abortion, from which many died.

I cannot remember any man going to jail for rape in those days. If men had to go through what women who have been raped go through, they might think differently. In the old days, as well as today, when a young man asks a girl out on a date they usually expect to be repaid, and if the girl gets pregnant, it will always be her fault.

Roe v. Wade should never be canceled. It is critical to the health and well being of all women.

Clayetta H. Speltz


Ms. Speltz has clearly bought into the lie that Roe v Wade is about protecting rape victims.

The logic behind the reversal of Roe v Wade?  Simply, 1.3 million unborn children are killed by abortion every year in the US alone.  Around 3% of those abortions are reported as following rape.  While most rapes go unreported, most rapes don’t result in pregnancy either, so the percentage would not be much higher than 3%. I’m sick of women and men using rape victims as an excuse to keep abortion on demand as law.  Roe v Wade is a product of the sexual revolution.  It’s not about protecting women, it’s about women being free to have sex without the consequence or responsibility of the baby who results from that sex.

So what happens when Roe is reversed?  Women and men will be forced into responsibility when they make the choice to have sex.  There will be no more Saturday trips to the abortion clinic, because you forgot to use a rubber, or because you neglected to take your birth control pill for 3 days.  You will be forced to think (with your brain) before you act on your urge to copulate.

Don’t think you can control that urge?  Then consider yourself as having the same mindset as a rapist, and consider the child you create and kill by abortion, as the victim.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Hey Maddow, You Neglected A Few Truths

Rachel Maddow spewed her venom at the Associated Press,  for what she referred to as a "shockingly bad article".  The article, which by the way was written by a woman,  was titled “Abortion Fight Defines Kansas Prosecutor Race”. See video below.

From HuffPoo:

Maddow seemed shocked by the Associated Press' description of the race in Kansas and inclusion of a quote from Operation Rescue. "What? This is just astonishing," Maddow said. "Yes, the blame for the doctor being shot to death by the anti-abortion activist...lies with the district attorney who didn't prosecute that doctor for something or other. He didn't get prosecuted so obviously, he had to be shot, so says Operation Rescue”

Rachel Maddow was taking issue with this statement from Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue.

"If Nola Foulston had done her job with George Tiller, he would still be alive today," said Troy Newman, president of Wichita-based Operation Rescue.

From the Fresno Bee :

The district attorney [Nola Foulston] had refused to allow then-Attorney General Phill Kline to prosecute Tiller in her jurisdiction, resulting in a judge dismissing charges that the doctor had performed illegal late-term abortions.

What Troy Newman said was the truth.  If George Tiller had been properly prosecuted, he would have been in jail, and therefore protected from people like Scott Roeder. 

Does this mean Nola Foulston was responsible for Tiller’s murder?  No, but then again, neither was Bill O’Reilly.

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