Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Does Appearance Really Matter?

The appearance of a 6 week embryo is certainly different from the appearance of a 16 week fetus.  No one disputes that.  What pro-aborts do dispute, is that the result of an abortion at 6 weeks isn’t any different than the result of an abortion at 16 weeks, for the baby that is.  The end result is that in both cases, what is a developing human being, is killed.

From Baby2See.com At 6 weeks:

  • The embryo has reached a size of about 8 mm (1/4 inch) in length.
  • The spinal cord, which until now has been open, is beginning to close.
  • The first blood cells and blood vessels are developing.
  • Blood moves through these primitive vessels connected to the yolk sac.
  • A pipe-shaped heart is formed and begins to beat.
  • The brain begins to divide into 5 parts.
  • Optic pits form the start of the developing eye.
  • The cells destined to be the arms and legs are in place.

The human body is remarkable, and a 6 week embryo has went through some remarkable development in that short amount of time.

Someone posted pictures of her 6 week abortion. Another effort to de-stigmatize the tragedy that is abortion.


We can see the blood, and I’m guessing the “blob of tissue” closest to us, is the gestational sac.  Personally, I would like to see the contents of the jar strained out, so Jane could see the embryo she just allowed the abortionist to suck out its not so safe harbor, the womb.  It’s likely she would see something like this.


At 6 weeks of pregnancy, my abortion looked very different than the images I saw when I entered the clinic that day. (From Jane’s post)

Yes Jane, at 6 weeks, it would.  The actual size of a 6 week embryo is about 1/4 of an inch long.  No, it doesn’t look like a newborn, or even a 16 week fetus, but to paraphrase Kathy Ireland, it looks exactly the way it’s supposed to at that stage of development.

Pro-aborts say abortion prevents this ‘blob’ from becoming a newborn.  But when you stop and think about it, doesn’t killing a newborn prevent it from becoming a teenager?  Think about it. Stop the killing.


  1. Killing a 6-week old baby prevents him from becoming an "unwanted" 16-week old baby. Killing a 16-week old baby prevents him from becoming an "unwanted" 16-month old baby. We haven't yet "okay-ed" killing a 16-month old baby, but why not? Killing a 16-month old baby would prevent him from becoming an "unwanted" 16-year old teen-ager. Once we've "okay-ed" killing right from the start of life, why have any qualms about continuing the killing of "unwanted" people ... even the 16-year old teen-ager to prevent him from becoming an "unwanted, problematic,expensive" adult?! I don't condone killing our babies - but if we use the logic that's being used to rationalize abortion, this doesn't sound so far out, after all. God have mercy on us.

    1. Thank you Sandy. When people respect the life of a human being, even in it's embryonic stage, this world will be a much better place.

  2. when life begins is a RELIGIOUS belief/matter; MANY (including myself) don't believe a soul tied to "life" until birth, that the soul is eternal (hence, it CAN'T be killed, only redirected to another potential life), so keep YOUR religious beliefs & practices OUT of MY government/constitution! i won't propose mandated pregnancy-to-term laws to FORCE YOU to have a baby, & i FULLY expect you NOT to impose your anti-choice regulations on a woman's god-given right to choose HER reproductive future. sex is how we humans express love to each other, but even at it's most base-less, it is NOT a crime PUNISHABLE BY A MANDATED PREGNANCY! am i being clear enough for you? as a group, you facists prove time & again that you do NOT care about these "lives" once they're here...

    1. Just curious, are you Jewish? It's not a religious matter for me. It's a matter of right and wrong. It's true, I believe killing z/e/f's is wrong, but so do a lot of atheists.

      No one forces you to have a baby. You take that risk when you have sex. What pro-life 'rs are trying to do, is 'force' you not to kill your baby.

  3. what i meant to say was that i won't propose mandated abortion laws to FORCE YOU to have one, & i FULLY expect you NOT to impose your anti-choice regulations on a woman's god-given right to choose HER reproductive future.

    1. The only God-given right that comes to mind, is the right to life, which people like you refuse to give to unborn children.

  4. wanna talk science? tell ya what, let it PROVE a fetus has a soul, & we'll talk...

    1. As I told you on twitter, since you brought it up, how about you proving scientifically that a fetus doesn't have a soul. Irregardless if it does or doesn't (and there is no way to prove it), it wouldn't make a difference to me.