Thursday, May 26, 2011

There's Something Amiss in Pro-abort Story

A story appeared today in Salon titled "Abortion Saved My Life".  The author, had a placental abruption, which can indeed be life threatening, for both the mother and the fetus.  But was it in this case?  I have my doubts  Not that the pregnancy was in danger, but rather that the situation was as critical as the story leads some to believe.  Something just doesn't add up.
To begin with, she was seeing an "OB/GYN who specializes in treating fibroids and endometriosis", not one who specializes in high risk pregnancy.  This makes no sense, considering the woman was having issues with bleeding from the beginning of her pregnancy, and was told by her doctor that the pregnancy was very high risk.
I was taking an afternoon nap when the hemorrhaging started. Laying in bed with my toddler napping in his room, and waking up to find blood gushing up my body is an experience I wouldn’t wish on anyone. The placental abruption that my doctor had listed as a possibility was happening and I was going to have to do my best to take care of both of us. Mind you, my husband was at work and my not quite 2 year old sure couldn’t dial 911 for me so I had to make it to the phone & make arrangements for the sleeping toddler as well as his older brother before I could leave the house.
In the real world, you dial 911 to get help as soon as possible.  As for making arrangement for the kids, it was probably done in a quick call to a friend or relative, while she was waiting on help.  That is, if she waited on help at all.  No mention was made of EMT's or an ambulance.  Perhaps someone drove her to the hospital.  Perhaps she drove herself.
The woman and her husband had previously discussed aborting this baby. 
When we found out (that standard pregnancy test before surgery is necessary after all) I talked it out with my husband and we debated aborting (I got as far as the clinic), before ultimately deciding that we would try to make it work.
I'm guessing that with the bleeding issues, along with the earlier thoughts of abortion, she wasn't emotionally attached to this baby.  While at the hospital, I assume the ER, she was seen by the doctor on call. 
The doctor on call didn't do abortions.
As you read the story, you might notice that the woman's personal OB/Gyn was not called.  MY doctor would be the first person I called in an emergency.  Ok, maybe the second, the first being 911.  Perhaps her doctor didn't perform abortions?   Also, no doctor is going to let a woman bleed to death, if he/she can do something to stop it. 
When pro-aborts read her story, they will read it as,  "Woman almost died because doctor didn't do abortions". 
It's one more story the pro-aborts will add to their arsenal to put the pro-life cause in the bulls-eye.  It's one more spin for "abortion on demand".  It's one more sad attempt to force doctors to kill babies against their conscience.
Abortion on demand is what her story is all about.  It's sad really, that young impressionable women, and men, fall for this kind of stuff without question.  They need to wake up and smell the fowl.


  1. Something amiss? I don't think so. There is nothing amiss about any pro-choice story. Because anti-choice lies and spin are never involved with a true story.

  2. Why didn't the woman call her doctor? Why wasn't she being seen by a doctor that specializes in high risk pregnancy? Why do pro-aborts not question pro-choice articles?

  3. "Why didn't the woman call her doctor?"

    Because she was too busy going to the emergency room.

    "Why wasn't she being seen by a doctor that specializes in high risk pregnancy?"

    She was.

    "Why do pro-aborts not question pro-choice articles?"

    Those of us that realize that women are human beings do question these articles. I've questioned the story, and it all adds up. So STFU.

  4. Benjamin - She was at the ER for HOURS, and not once mentioned anyone calling HER doctor, the one who specialized in treating fibroids and endometriosis, not high risk obstectrics. The story doesn't add up, unless you live in pro-choice lala land.

    Choicers are so gullible.

  5. Did you ever consider that some of the smaller details (i.e. who took her children, the EMTs, etc) were left out of the story because they weren't essential?

    The woman was bleeding to death; I doubt she thought to call her own personal doctor as she was in a hospital full of "experienced" ones.

    Regardless, your "burden of proof" attack appears not only highly insensitive but completely incoherent.

    How FOUL.

  6. auragasmic - Of course I considered it. But without the little "non" essential parts, her story loses credibiltiy.

    "I had to make it to the phone & make arrangements for the sleeping toddler as well as his older brother before I could leave the house."

    Do you think EMT's would just leave the kids alone? No, they wouldn't.

    This story is no more than an attempt to force doctors to kill the unborn, even if their conscience tells them it's MURDER.

    PS.. Thanks for the spell-check, you passed the test.

  7. A doctor is a doctor is a doctor and regardless should know how to perform a potentially life-saving medical procedure.
    They don't have to give them out like candy.
    But every ER doctor should be capable of performing an emergency abortion to save someone's life.

  8. ProSanity, It would be impossible for every doctor to be able to perform every emergency medical procedure. There job is to stabilize the patient until the specialist gets there.

    What if it wasn't as life threatening as the woman is making it sound?

    What if there was a real possibility that both the mother and the baby could have survived?

    What if the mother decided she just couldn't cope with the problems of this pregnancy and decided at that moment to abort?

    What if the doctor has a problem with killing babies un-neccesarily?

    We don't (and will never) know the whole story. Pro-aborts tend to believe what they are told, as long as it comes from another pro-abort. Pro-Lifers are left with a bunch of what ifs.

  9. I'm going to ignore the insults and focus on my point here:

    ER doctors know how to perform emergency procedures. That is their job, that's what they get paid to do.
    Besides, it doesn't sound like he did much to stabilize her anyway, does it?

    In addition, you shouldn't question someone's story so much. I'll take her word for it until she's proven to be wrong.
    Innocent until proven guilty.

    But I'm not going to 'debate' with you.

  10. If she was bleeding out (for hours), she would be dead.