Sunday, May 8, 2011

Legal Abortion Couldn't Save Her

I saw this this morning, and as a pro-lifer, I felt the need to respond.  What Ian wrote is emotional, and pretty much what we all do in times of tragedy, lash out and place blame.  This is in no way intended to increase Ian's pain over losing his friend.

On Friday 6th May 2011, @IanTheAtheist said:

A letter to the #ProCHOICE & #Antichoice
A woman just died who was close to me. She had an abortion without proper medical care. She hid it because of her family and the shame. Info is still coming out. It looks like she did it herself in the bathroom. Her name is Kim, age 31. Now her 3 daughters don't have a mother. Kim was a University of Santa Barbara California graduate. She would have been an awesome high school physics teacher. I am very sad. Just a side-note: Kim was on the Pill.

Her husband left her. Kim had a full-time job and a full college load. Due to medical problems from her last pregnancy and her financial situation, she wanted an abortion. She feared that if she had one, her mother would find out and stop baby sitting the kids while she worked. She couldn't afford more day care costs.

Her mother is a hardcore catholic bitch. (redundant, I know.) She throws Halloween parties in which she runs a fake abortion clinic in an attempt every year to scare teenage girls. They call the parties "Hell House" and girls/boys walk through a large gymnasium seeing fabricated sets with bloody "dead" baby dolls. They have robot dolls that scream and say "Don't kill me!" Kim grew up around this and knew that having an abortion would ruin what little family she had left. Her husband made the situation a million times worse by leaving. Why did he leave? Because Kim never gave him a son. "She kept spitting out girls." <----His response to my email today.

Kim was a hardworking woman put in a situation she couldn't resolve. Above is the short version of all of the events, because I can't write this without crying. Suffice to say that women deserve better. If you're a man and read this: think of your sister/mother/daughter/aunt/cousin. Imagine them being put in Kim's exact situation or worse. What could happen? Is it worth death? Your propagandist opinion isn't worth the death of anyone.

Kim's little girls are now stuck with Kim's mom. Now they have very little chance of growing up as well-adjusted adults. They will no doubt have issues. They will have massive depression.

Remember that religion caused this. Religion causes death. Kim would be alive and well if she could have seen a doctor without shame. She would have finished graduate school. Her girls would have a mommy. The world was a better place with Kim in it. Highschool students would have learned from her well honed understanding of physics.

F*** you if you can read this and think "Well why didn't she do this? Why didn't she do that? Well she could have done blah!" No she couldn't. She was left with no other opportunity. Trust women. They are the best of us.

You don't need to let your opinion of something tramp on everybody else's freedoms.

-emotional wreck-

Who is really to blame for this tragedy? Her husband? Her Mother? Religion? Abortion culture? Maybe society as a whole?  Did Kim really not have any other option? 

Of course she did!  She could have told her mother, who as a 'hardcore' Catholic, would have done what was necessary to help Kim through what was obviously a crisis pregnancy.  She could have talked to someone, perhaps her close friend Ian?  She could have talked to a counselor? She could have went to her neighborhood abortion clinic, where abortion is "Safe & Legal"?  Kim had a lot of options.  She 'chose' the option to end the pregnancy herself. 

I can only imagine what she was going though emotionally when she attempted to self abort.  This is where society failed Kim.  No woman should ever feel she has to make the choice to abort, whether legally or illegally, safe or unsafe.  Today's abortion culture leaves women feeling abortion is the best option.  When it's all said and done, if Kim would have had real support, from ANYONE, she just might still be alive today.

Yes, women DO deserve better, they deserve better than abortion.


  1. Let's review: proaborts shriek day and night about how acceptable a choice abortion is, its no big deal, no different than wisdom tooth removal, most common procedure in the US blah blah, no shame in it at all. Until something goes wrong-then the 'choice' morphs into something shameful that's all the fault of religious dogma. Sorry, Ian, but you can't have it both ways. Either abortion is a morally acceptable act 100 percent of the time or it isn't at all. And who is it encouraging the choice to abort by any means? Sure as hell isn't prolife-we're ANTIs, remember? Against abortion in ALL cases. Prochoice simply can't live with the 'choice' they promote daily. Sad fact of the matter is undeniable-if this woman hadn't CHOSEN to do this to HERSELF she wouldn't be dead.

  2. jovan b. - And you know there was no clinic close to her how? Think about what you are saying! You accuse me and other prolifers of taking away her right to life? It's the abortion culture that left her feeling like she had no other options.

  3. Armored Saint - It's always the fault of those of us that promote life. And the pro-choice community takes no responsibility for deaths that occur in the abortion culture they created.

  4. Jovan, that's rather rude of you to call someone names just because you disagree with them. Kim had a right to life. She CHOSE to risk that life by self-aborting. It's truly sad, but that's the reality of abortion. There is always a risk.

  5. 'I stuck a fork in my eye intentionally and now I'm blind-it's all YOUR fault.' Nuff said.

  6. Take this down. 24 hours. If I see that you haven't taken it down, you'll hear from my attorney. You've been warned. Slander~ @IanTheAtheist Don't forget I have the cash. I will pursue you for years.

  7. Do it, Ian. These warped sickos think a blob of tissue the size of a quarter has more value than the woman carrying it. They are EVIL.

    The reason this woman died is because she stuck an opened wire hanger into her uterus in a desperate effort to rid herself of something she neither wanted or needed and which she had EVERY LEGAL RIGHT to have done in a safe manner.

    You people are not pro life. You are pro BIRTH. You don't give a flying fuck what happens AFTER there has been a birth. There are actually born, existing children all over the world starving to death because you have to go harass some kid trying to get into a clinic. 99% of you never adopt or foster. You have no idea what some people are up agains, all you do is is preach.

    Be warned. You reap what you sow. Maybe YOUR eleven year old daughter can be excommunicated from the catholic church because she had been raped and was carrying twins, which she aborted.

    Maybe there are carloads of thugs watching her now...

  8. I suppose I should be 'shocked' at the way abortion advocates relate to prolife posts. I'm not. Apparently threating good people with legal action and long term harrassment makes them feel powerful? Yeah, that must be it.

    The 'letter' was addressed to both prochoice and antichoice (prolife), therefore it was addressed to 'me'. The only part of the letter I changed, was to drop Kim's middle and last name, this being for the protection of her family.

    Anon - Yes she had every legal right to abort safely, and it's sad she didn't choose that option. Having said that, I still believe it was an overwhelming situation for her, one that she thought she had no other way out of. That's what angers me. Where was the support when she needed it? Women should never feel like they have to abort in order to take care of the kids they already have.

  9. Aww what a brave little soldier you are, threatening 'legal action' under the guise of anonymity. I hope you plan on overturning the entire Constitution while you're at it, genius, seems you missed the parts that guarantee us freedom of speech and freedom to worship. It really chaps your proabort thug asses that you can't control us, doesn't it, Anon? Maybe your friend should have thought about what she'd do if pregnancy were to occur BEFORE SHE DROPPED HER PANTIES. As for your tired old 'you only care about them until birth' strawman-what the fuck is prochoice doing for kids besides targeting them for death before birth? Oh, that's right-NOTHING. Google prochoice charities and see what you come up with. Also google Theodore Shulman, he was a big mouth abortion nazi like yourself who liked to threaten people pn blogs. The feds recently arrested him.
    And I disagree it's 'sad she didn't choose the option of 'safe legal abortion'-what's sad is she didn't stand up like a grown woman and take care of her child's sibling like a mother does. People aren't stupid enough to jam coat hangers up their asses to get rid of annoying polyps, yet people are willing to look the other way when they do it to end the life of another LIVING HUMAN BEING. 'What someone goes through' does NOT justify killing someone else. EVER. There were other ways, she just chose to ignore them. If she hadn't chosen to self abort she wouldn't be dead. Like I said earlier, if I intentionally stick a fork in my eye, is it your fault I'm blind? I'll be waiting to see what 'lawyer' will take your suit, Anon. Typical libtard-free speech for me, but none for thee. Keep threatening, and I'll publish the entire letter including names on my blog. Back off.

    It's pathetic the way some athiests use the abortion issue as a vehicle to hate on Christians. BTW, Anon, my mother is also a hardcore Catholic-if she even so much as hinted that I should abort, I'd tell her to kiss my ass.

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  12. Just read Ian's original 'letter'. Keep your day job, dude. Fiction writing clearly is not your strong suit. The 'halloween abortion chamber of horrors' gave you away like a neon sign. Pity the lawyer who's going to file suit over a fictional letter. Hope he does pro bono work. Thanks for all the laughs. There really is no low proaborts will not stoop to in order to demonize those who oppose them, including fake stories designed to illicit emotional appeal. Too bad they reserve no emotion for the 3700 actual lives they end daily. Pathetic.

  13. Say whatever you want. They will take it down. They don't have a choice. Internet bullying and slander is illegal. You can throw insults at me all day long. I could give two shits. The minute you slander or bully me or anyone else on the internet. You open yourself up to the real world of legal action.

    The story is completely real. I posted it as a cautionary note, for women feeling shamed by morons like you. I don't want anyone else ending up like Kimmy. Unlike you I actually care about women. The post will be taken down. One way or another.

  14. I'll file at the local courthouse in the morning. My lawyer will be with me. I have proof of the 24 hour warning via timestamp.

    Screenshots of your page. The IP address of the poster will be the next legal step.

    I'll file lawsuit against each and every person found to be involved. If this is taken down within the 24 hour warning, all legal action will be withdrawn. Until then expect me to do everything within/under legal precepts.

    Kim's family will file a copyright in the morning. Within 7 hours of that her life story will be locked down. If the page is up after the copyright becomes active we will file additional charges.


  15. Ian - I have not slandered anyone. I treated Kim's story with the utmost respect, unlike you who posted her supposed full name, along with her tragic story on the internet. I have also not bullied anyone, unlike what you are doing now. Did I threaten you? No. Did I defame you or Kim? No.

    I believe women should have better options than to abort. But the abortion culture has left women like her, thinking that is the only option. Would Kim's Catholic family appreciate the steps you took, including writing the letter, and bullying someone sharing a prolife perspective, I think not.

  16. "99% of you never adopt or foster."

    Source? I don't think it's pro-dismemberment people fostering... especially differently abled children that you think should have been eliminated before birth.

    As hard as those who favor legal dismemberment work to ensure privacy, I find it difficult to believe it would have been less private to go to a clinic.

    Is her husband a jerk? If what Ian says is true, absolutely. She deserved better. Her daughters deserved better. They deserve to still have their mom here--and to have their grandma in their life, who clearly cares about them very much--and they deserved to have their little brother or sister in their lives. The only person in this story who didn't deserve better was Kim's husband. He never deserved to have her or his kids at all.

    No one deserves to die in an illegal abortion--not a woman, not a fetus. No one deserves to die from legal abortion--not a woman, not a fetus.

  17. How many of the noble defenders of 'choice' would step up to adopt the kids orphaned by stupid choices like the one described in Ian's fictional letter? NONE. I hope this DOES serve as a cautionary tale to other women NOT to do what the fictional 'Kim' did. Reprehensible that the choice nazis would slander women who die from abortion in order to score cheap emotional points, but sadly very common. You don't give two shits about women, Ian, that's the one believable thing about this entire farce. If this tearjerker tale was so private in nature, you wouldn't have posted it on an internet chat service iused by millions of people, moron. Good luck with your faux lawsuit. This post will be here long after you're gone.

  18. 'Internet bullying is a crime-maybe there are carloads of thugs watching your 11 year old daughter right now.' Pot, meet kettle. Ian, you have until tonight to STFU or I publish your entire fictional narrative including names on my blog.



  20. Kim had the option to choose life and not kill herself.

    You have cash and you'd waste it pursuing a blogger? Yeah, that makes a whole lot of sense.

  21. How's that lawsuit coming, Ian? Gotten mighty quiet in here. LOL.

  22. I requested the injunction. Waiting for the district attorney to work it out with google. I am doing this legally. Turns out you arent allowed to use real first names when posting thing like this.

  23. Yeah, sure you did. I'm sure the penalties for using the name of a fictitious person, a name shared by millions of others, is quite severe. A name you posted willingly on a service used by millions of people. Real strong case you have there, moron. This is better than live comedy.

  24. Not allowed to use first names? Really? Trig Palin is due about 50 gazillion injunctions and billions of dollars in damages then. Sarah Palin-even more. Passing the popcorn to the bloggers here and waiting for your next lame salvo.

  25. Hey all! While you're listening to the deafening sound of crickets waiting for Ian the Godless Douchebag to produce his imaginary battery of lawyers and his faux injunction, I thought I'd update you on his latest dickery-he's now harassing a teacher on twitter-see the latest update here

    He's a real pillar of the community isn't he? Let us all endeavour to keep him away from children and sharp objects. And forgive his slow replies, he can only type so fast one-handed. Oh, and let's all thank him for stopping by my site, my sitemeter was only too happy to capture such pertinent info as his ISP, IP and location. Thank your twitter buddies for their contributions too. Meanwhile, we'll just sit back and watch whole civilizations rise and fall while waiting for your 'legal action.' GET A JOB.

  26. Ian's been a busy little bee, threatening a teacher (click on my username for more info) this feckless coward has also changed his username to @prochoiceian thanks to everyone who reported him-please do so again and let's get this cyberbully and hater banned from Twitter.

  27. Thank you for the update. Yes he is a hater, Jesus could fix that.

  28. It's not namecalling if what I said is true, Justsnapd8. It is not an accusation if what I said is true, Anti Abortion Gang.

    Because I tell the truth about the anti-choice movement. You guys are mad because we won't allow you to murder millions of American women with your anti-choice laws.

  29. jovan b. - How do you know what you said is true? You have no facts to back up your claims.

  30. First of all, most abortion clinics have strict rules about patient confidentiality. Kim could have gone there and nobody would have known. But if she uses a coat hanger to abort in the bathroom, there is a strong chance that her mother would have walked in. So why did she choose the coathanger/bathroom route if she was so scared of her mother finding out? It doesn't make sense.
    Second of all, a college educated woman should know that it's dangerous to sick a coat hanger up yourself. It's just not worth the risk, no matter how ill-timed the pregnancy.
    Third of all, this story was proved to be a hoax a long time ago. The pro-aborts never tire of using this kind of garbage to push their agenda, even if they have to lie about it.

  31. Cecilia - I had my doubts about the validity of the story to begin with. And for exactly the reasons you stated. However, this post did show a side of pro-choice people need to see. Strong-arming thuggery.

    @IanTheAtheist quickly changed his twitter name to @ProChoiceIan after this post. Funny how he was doing the strong-arming, and running like a chicken at the same time. I couldn't find either profile on twitter this morning.

  32. Strange how somebody resurfaces when comments are added to a blog post. The camelion is now @IanProChoice. Looks like his old profile was taken down, judging by the stats. He will continue bullying and terrorizing people until the new one is taken down also.