Saturday, May 28, 2011

#ProChoice #Twittiots

Excuse the language, but this one is really rude and vile.  I'm guessing the conversation was based on privacy rights.
@AmyNLuv is one of the newer pro-aborts on twitter, and hasn't yet looked in the mirror at her own hypocrisy.  She's complaining about pro-lifers using the pro-choice hash-tag, and in doing so, she uses the pro-life hash-tag. 
Amy, you FAILED!

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  1. This is the @amynluv you quoted. THANK YOU FOR THE PUBLICITY! I've found six new friends from this publicity this post got. We now all take turns guarding people seeking medical care from the pro-birthers surrounding Planned Parenthood and we've had two bake sales to raise money for our favorite charity. I wanted to post the number and web address of Planned Parenthood for anyone searching for "pro-choice" that came across your page. By the way I'm PRO-CHOICE, meaning I believe people with a uterus can make their own CHOICE. If I was a "pro-abort" I would want every child aborted and I don't. That's just ridiculous.
    To find a Planned Parenthood near you, call 1-800-230-PLAN. Their website is Abortion is an alternative to pregnancy, adoption is an alternative to parenting.