Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pro-Choice Orgs Want Women To Be Informed, Oh Wait, No They Don't

Robin Marty penned an article for RH Reality Check blasting an attempt by Online For Life to 're-direct' abortion minded women to a Crisis Pregnancy Center in their neighborhood.  According to Robin:
Anti-abortion activists keep passing abortion restrictions like "women's right to know" and mandatory ultrasounds under the guise that women need to have access to as much information as possible prior to an abortion.
Apparently Robin doesn't think women deserve to have 'as much information as possible', before terminating the life that is growing within them.  To Robin, it's much better to keep them blind to the humanity of the unborn.
So why is it that when a woman is using the internet to gather information on abortion providers, they are making it a goal to keep them from the very information they are seeking?
If a woman wants an abortion bad enough, she will find her way to an abortion mill.  Don't believe me?  Check out the stats on Online For Life's web-site.  It's clear we have a lot more work to do, changing minds and hearts.
Online For Life offers life affirming options, to help keep women from making a decision that they will possibly regret for the remainder of their lifetime, while at the same time, saving the life of their unborn child. 
Meanwhile... NaralProChoiceNY has put out an APB a video announcing a nationwide attack on CPC's, in an attempt to restrict women from learning the truth about abortion.
I sometimes wonder if pro-abortion organizations have ever considered gathering funds to HELP women?  Helping women get out of poverty would be cost prohibitive.  It's more 'cost-effective' for them to perform abortions.  And women and their babies lose.

Special thanks to my twitter friend @ for bring my attention to the Naral video. :-)

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