Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pro-Abort Dreams of Being an Abortionist

I am sick. I just read an Abortion Gang post from “Prochoicegal”, who’s big dream is to be a baby killer.

Yes, that’s right, she wants to be the one that sucks out the fetus, tearing he or she limb for limb, all the while listening to the slurrrrpppp of the vacuum, while watching tiny arms and legs, maybe even a spine, go through the tubes, and empty out into a bowl, or jar, or whatever they catch ‘products of conception’ in. Magnificent career huh?

With so many strong opinions out there about what I should do with my life and with so much stigma surrounding my future profession, it’s sometimes difficult to get my voice out there and “come out” as a future abortion provider.

Stigma? ABORTION PROVIDERS KILL HUMAN FETUSES. Why should that be stigmatized? Geez. She needs to hang around some normal people, you know, the ones that don’t kill babies. But no.

Usually people just avoid me after I tell them (hey, I’m okay with that. Who wants to be friends with an anti, anyway?)

'Usually'?  I like that.  It's clear that the vast majority of US citizens are appalled by abortion, as they should be.

87% of U.S. counties don’t have an abortion provider, and this needs to change.

I agree that this stat needs to change. Shall we go for 97%?

Saying “I am an abortion provider” should be no more stigmatic than saying “I am a cardiac surgeon”, just like saying “I had an abortion” should be no more stigmatic than saying “I had heart surgery”.

Except that cardiac surgeons save lives, abortion providers end them.

Wait, what was the comparison I saw the other day?  Oh yeah.


So there you have it.  The dreams of a pro-abort.  Sick world.


  1. Some of them can barely conceal their glee at the thought of killing. Would be an excellent irony if abortion were to be recriminalized right as this future butcher is about to graduate. Killing others will always be stigmatized. If they don't like it they should consider another line of work-after all, they're constantly saying the same thing about pharmacist who invoke conscience clauses re: dispensing abortafacients. Double standard much?

    LOL @ that stupid tweet at the bottom. The same loons who say 'women agonize over the seriousness of the abortion decision' are the same ones who claim minutes later 'its no different than wisdom tooth extration.' Can't even keep their own bullshit rhetoric straight. Having had eye surgery I can safely say I didn't end anyone else's life in the process. No one having an abortion can claim that. The height of stupidity to pretend not to know why the protestors are there. But then again these are feminists we're dealing with. They are depraved.

  2. It's beyond me how anyone can choose killing human fetuses as a career path. With all the illnesses in the world she can 'choose' to treat, she wants to treat women that want to kill their young. Maybe she should consider being a psychiatrist, and treat women with an obsessive compulsion to have sex. Double standards? I think prochoice feminists wrote the book.

    About the tweet at the bottom, I think 'loon' describes that pro-abort perfectly.

  3. prochoicegal is a total loon. She thinks that pro-lifers are all pro-rape and she couldn't have a logical debate if her life depended on it.

  4. Rape is an act of violence and power. More akin to the violent act of abortion, than to good people trying to ban it.