Friday, May 20, 2011

Canadian Pro-aborts Are Sweating

You know, it may seem like I'm picking on Abortion Gang, but when I'm looking for blog material, they make it so easy!

"Learning From American Mistakes" by Not Guilty, is nothing more than pro-abort hacking of the pro-life movement in Canada.  Being an American, I don't follow Canadian politics, other than what I pick up on Twitter.  Needless to say, the pro-life movement in the good old USA, is leading the pro-life movement in the rest of the world, and that includes Canada.  That's what we do in America; we lead, the others follow.

On May 2nd, Canadians made a horrible decision. Well 39% of the 61.4% (5.8 million of 33 million people) of the population that voted did anyways. We gave Stephen Harper his long-coveted majority.

It's seems conservative Canadians are standing up for what they believe in, much like conservative Americans did back in November of 2010. 

Back to the issue of abortion -

The problem, as is most evident now than ever, is that if you give an anti an inch, they will take a mile.

And then she goes on to say -

Our government is bound and determined to not learn from America’s “war on drugs” and mega-prison mentality. Harper is hell-bent on remaking those mistakes. The pro-choicers in Canada must stand their ground. We must not accept one single concession. We must demand more. More access, more prevention, more freedom. We must not look to “agree to disagree” or appease the antis. We must look them in the eye and tell them they can take their “moral high-ground” and stick it. We are going to demand abortions access in the most remote areas; we must demand more support for those who choose abortion. Pro-choicers in Canada must fight fire with fire. We cannot give in because as soon as we do, as soon as we concede one point, we lose everything.

From the comments -

Serena writes:

if you give an anti an inch, they will take a mile.

I couldn’t agree with you more about not making concessions on abortion. If the pro-choice community accepts any restrictions on abortion (i.e. bans on “late term” abortion), we may as well give up the whole kit and kaboodle. Either you accept abortion, or you don’t. It doesn’t matter what stage of pregnancy the woman is in, imho. Abortion is a moral, responsible decision. Period.

If you give a pro-abort an inch, they will most assuredly take a mile.  Case in point, late term abortion.  Serena appears to be okay with it, and with no boundaries set.  When is late, too late?  Abortion is legal in most US states until 24 weeks gestation, for ANY reason.  Would Serena want abortion legal at 34 weeks?  39?  You get the picture.  Most of the pro-choicer's I talk to, are NOT ok with late term abortions, though I doubt they would agree to help ban them.  Just like most people that are pro-life personally, don't give abortion a second thought politically.  The issue of abortion is one most people would rather not even think about.

Americans turned their backs on the abortion issue after Roe, and because of that, over 53 MILLION abortions have been performed.  Over 53 million human lives were ended, before they could take their first breath.  Enough is enough!  It's time for Americans and Canadians to stand up against the abortion lobby.  We can't bring back the babies that were lost to abortion, but we can give babies of the future a fighting chance.


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