Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hey Mississippi - Planned Parenthood EXPOSED!

Live Action does it again. Planned Parenthood has been exposed!!!

The force on getting a no vote on Initiative 26, "Mississippians for Healthy Families", is none other than Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. Surprised? No, of course you aren't.

Some people will do anything to support to right their right to collect funds for killing a mother's unborn child.


  1. I'm sure the choicers are already busly shrieking 'liars' and 'entrapment.' Good for Live Action!

  2. Yes probably. What we have to do is get the word out to the people. They need to know that the org in the video, is a front for PP and ACLU pro-aborts.

  3. Shocking.

    You know this could all be cleared up if the people behind the amendment could actually agree on the issue. For example, one of the local doctors most closely associated with the Yes on 26 movement, Beverly McMillan, has said unequivocally that the IUD and the morning-after pill would be banned, and has written that she “painfully agree[s] that birth control pills do in fact cause abortions.” And pro-Personhood pastor Walter Hoye was even clearer, saying, “Any birth control that ends the life of that human being will be impacted by this measure.” Asked, “What about the birth control pill?” Hoyes paused and said, “That falls into the same category.” But doctor, Freda Bush, who has gone on television to claim that contraception wouldn’t be banned, wouldn’t give a straight answer about which contraceptives would be banned, claiming she wasn’t an authority. One would think you'd work this stuff out BEFORE proposing the amendment.

    Also, this "shocking" expose seems to be in favor of only Mississippi residents having involvement in the amendment, however this will have implications for all Americans and cost who knows how much resources and time as its fought out in the courts. Surprisingly they don't mention Personhood USA, a Colorado based anti-abortion organization, that gave 300K in support of the amendment (200K more than Planned Parenthood.) Not to mention that Lila Rose lives in California, which last time I checked, is not in Mississippi.

  4. Jackie - The morning after pill should be banned, right along with RU486. Both of these are used with the intention of killing a life that has already began. Regarding the IUD, it can cause abortion, but I don't know that it's been proven.

    The Mississipian's for healthy families org, IS Planned Parenthood and the ACLU.

    The YesOn26 org IS a group of Mississipi citizens. Look for yourself.


  5. "The YesOn26 org IS a group of Mississipi citizens. Look for yourself."

    Yes and it has received money from organizations and people outside of Mississippi.

    The RU486 will be banned. The morning after pill works the same way as the pill does but I understand you'd be against that.

  6. Unlike the NoOn26 org which is NOT Mississippi citizens, but are pretending to be. It's fraudulent, and misleading.

    RU486 induces abortion of an implanted embryo.

    "The morning after pill works the same way as the pill does but I understand you'd be against that." - Why do you continue to make the case for people that DO want to ban the pill.

  7. " Why do you continue to make the case for people that DO want to ban the pill."

    I'm not; I do not support this amendment. You're blaming this on me, like if I just "zip it" it will go away. I'm not behind the amendment on TV and radio talking about banning the pill. The people behind the amendment you support are.

  8. And you make the case for it by saying things like:

    "The morning after pill works the same way as the pill does"

  9. "Pill" 101

    The morning after pill is merely OCP in higher dose. The intended action of the morning after pill is to thin the uterine lining to prevent implantation of a fertilized egg (implantation does not happen immediately after conception). It is not clear whether or not OCP's in standard dosage thin the uterine lining and prevent implantation, and the desired and primary effect is to create anovulatory cycles (no egg to fertilize). Therefore, the intended use of the morning after pill is to stop the implantation of a fertilized egg (abortion), while the intended use of OCP's is to prevent the release of eggs to be fertilized (not abortion). There is a difference. Theoretically, once the egg is implanted, the MAP will not terminate a pregnancy, which is why it is time critical. So one can be opposed to MAP's and still be ok with OCP's. RU486 clearly is an abortifacient specifically for terminating an existing pregnancy, so no question there.

  10. Thank you Anon, your clarity is sincerely appreciated.