Monday, November 21, 2011

PersonhoodUSA Gearing Up For Personhood Campaign in Colorado

Bruce Finley writes for The Denver PostPersonhoodUSA is gearing up for their next personhood campaign in Colorado.

From the article:

The new version of the measure "will protect every child, no matter their size, level of development, gender, age or race," said Jennifer Mason, spokeswoman for Personhood USA.

New language "will explain again that every human being is a person from their earliest moments," Mason said. "And it will include some extra information that hopefully will prohibit lies of our opponents. . . . It will be a departure from what we've done before."

What should we expect?  We should expect the same ad nauseum lies and scare tactics we heard during the Initiative 26 campaign in Mississippi, such as those listed here.  We expect Planned Parenthood will set up another pretentious organization, just as they did in Mississippi.  

Can we win?  Yes.  But it won't be easy.  We can only win if you and I continue to point out the lies, and spread the truth.  So get ready, and stay tuned!

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