Thursday, November 3, 2011

Governor Haley Barbour Ambiguous Regarding Personhood Initiative

I saw a video a day or two ago, of Mississippi's Governor Barbour on Fox & Friends talking about his thoughts on Initiative 26, the Personhood Initiative, which is on the ballot for the Nov. 8th election.  He stated concerns over the wording, or ambiguity, of the Initiative.  The text of the initiative is below, as seen on the YesOn26 website. image

The initiative would protect life from conception, or fertilization, a no-brainer.  It would protect life created by cloning techniques, another no-brainer.  Most assuredly, Governor Barbour is confused about "or the equivalent thereof".  What does that mean exactly?  That's what's ambiguous, no one knows exactly. 

I view "or the equivalent thereof" as protection for new human life in the future, because who knows how new life will be created 50, 100, 125 years from now.  Initiative 26 is designed for the unknown, to protect life in the future.

On the Fox video, Governor Barbour stated "I'm somebody that believes that life begins at conception". 

In another article, it was stated Governor Barbour said 'he believes life begins at conception, but he thinks that's different than what the initiative asks.'

Isn't that what every state needs?  A confused leader?  Perhaps he's read about the scare tactics from the pro-aborts.  Some are listed here.  Perhaps he's paving his way to a new future, since he will be term-limited out of office next year?  Perhaps he's just ignorant on the entire personhood debate.  He's a governor, maybe he just hasn't taken, or had the time to get into it.

As it turns out, he *said* he voted YES today by absentee ballot.

Barbour told reporters Wednesday he was undecided because he thinks the initiative is ambiguous and he had concerns about how it might affect in vitro fertilization and ectopic pregnancies.

Barbour says he still has concerns about how it might affect health care, if passed. He says he voted for it, ultimately, because he believes life begins at conception.

Well Governor Barbour, either life begins at conception, or it doesn't.  And since it does, shouldn't you be doing whatever you can to protect it?

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