Saturday, October 29, 2011

Thinking Of Voting No on Mississippi's Initiative 26, Personhood? Don't! Vote YES

With Mississippi's election right around the corner, pro-aborts are in panic mode!  If you've been paying attention, they've been telling you false information (LIES)!  For instance you may have heard:

  1. Hormonal birth control will be BANNED!  It won't be, however abortifacient drugs such as RU486 will be.
  2. IVF will no longer be available for infertile couples. Not true. IVF will still be available for couples who need it.
  3. Women who's life is in danger will be left to die!  Nope.  Doctors will attempt to save both the mother, and her baby. That's what doctors are supposed to do, heal people. If saving both is not possible, they will save the mother.
  4. A woman will be prosecuted for having a miscarriage! Oh NO!!!  Of course this is a lie as well.

Those are a few of the rumors running rampant (intentionally) in the pro-abort world.  It is pro-choice propaganda in over-drive.  Listen to Freda Bush MD OB/Gyn dispel the myths (and lies) about the personhood initiative.

What is the opposition to the personhood initiative really all about?  SEX.  Specifically, sex without consequences. 


You see, pro-aborts will tell you banning abortion will hurt women.  It won't.  It may curb their recreational sex though, which will help women by preventing STD's, and preventing pregnancy. 

Killing unborn babies has been their fall-back to the 'oops' problem of accidentally getting pregnant.  It's time for it to stop.  Mississipians, you have the chance to be the first in the nation to ban abortion.  It starts with you.  Make us proud!


  1. Pretty sure that hormonal birth control will be banned. It causes abortion, not to mention the numerous health effects. The Canadian Cancer Society says that hormones like those found in those pills may cause cancer, so they advise pill takers to be careful.

    It won't stop people from going to another state to get abortions or birth control. But it's a wonderful start.

  2. No one said birth control causes abortion, only that it's possible. Some women even get pregnant while taking birth control. If it is ever banned, it will be because they came up with something without the harmful effects, like cancer, and guaranteed to not act as an abortifacient.

  3. Sorry TAAG, LABcrab is speaking the truth. I, however, do not think its a wonderful start. But I also so not think women should be reduced to walking fetus incubators against their will either.

  4. And the way to prevent pregnancy is??? Either that or be responsible with your birth control. I'm thinking women and men can do a lot better at preventing pregnancy. Maybe I have more faith in them than you do.

  5. I love it when pro-legal-abortionists reduce every woman who's carried an unplanned pregnancy to term out of compassion for and duty to the child they've helped to create to "walking fetus incubators". It really illustrates how they're not about the empowerment of women at all. They're just a support group for mother's of willfully dead babies.

  6. "They're just a support group for mother's of willfully dead babies." Great point. I've asked many pro-aborts how they feel about late term abortion. Most are against it, yet they would emotionally support a woman who was having one, and support her emotionally after. It's blood on their hands.