Friday, November 25, 2011

Pro-Choicer With A 'Superior' Attitude, and She's a Liar to Boot.

I'm not sure how I happened upon this, but I did.  This is not an educational post, unless you want to learn about pro-abort trolls from Twitter.  I posted this for ME!  Remember, my goal is to bring awareness of what goes on in the minds of pro-aborts.  Sometimes, they just let it fly from their mouths.

Samantha stated what pro-lifers say all the time. A child is a child, regardless of the reason he/she came into being.  That's not what pro-aborts like to hear.  It makes them well, crazy.image

@SineQuaN0nUSA a/k/a @SineQuaN0nTX (her twitter jail account, don't have to wonder why she needs one) said "telling rape victims to love their babies from rape".


So I asked....


@SineQuaN0nUSA in all her superior academic authority tells me I must use "accurate terminology" when addressing her.  She thinks the term 'baby' is not appropriate.  Well, most pro-aborts try to keep the baby out of the conversation.  It makes killing him/her a lot easier, I'm sure you understand.


I explained that I used the same term she did. 


She proceeds to tell me to "stop lying or pay attention". 


Maybe she should stop lying and pay attention eh?

Disclaimer: Not all pro-choicer's are as mean-hearted (if she has one at all) as @SineQuaN0nUSA, thankfully. 

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