Friday, June 24, 2011

Kansas Planned Parenthood to Comply With Regulations

imageAn inspection of Planned Parenthood's abortion clinic in Kansas by the state health department shows that it will comply with new regulations for abortion providers, the leader of the group's regional chapter said Friday.Read more here
Was their any doubt in your mind that Planned Parenthood would comply with state enforced regulations in Kansas?  Their wasn't in mine.  With the "mom & pop" abortion mills possibly not being able to comply, the financial gain for Planned Parenthood will far out-weigh the cost of attaining compliance.  Kansas is a small piece of the Planned Parenthood's pie.
In an article Michelle Malkin wrote in 2008, she said:
the annual report of Planned Parenthood Federation of America revealed that the abortion giant had a total income of $1.02 billion—with reported profits of nearly $115 million. Taxpayers kick in more than $336 million worth of government grants and contracts at both the state and federal levels. That’s a third of Planned Parenthood’s budget.
Clearly, there are big bucks in the abortion biz.  Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the United States, and they not only want to protect their financial interests, they want to increase them.
From LifeNews:
With approximately 1.2 million abortions done annually in the United States via surgical abortions or the mifepristone abortion drug, Planned Parenthood has increased its share of the abortion industry to 27.6 percent of all abortions done annually.
That number will increase as smaller outfits are forced to close down.  Although I think women will be safer at Planned Parenthood than at smaller abortion mills, it makes me question exactly who is behind the legislation, and what connection they have to Planned Parenthood.  I'll save that for another post.

***UPDATE*** The Aid for Women clinic has been denied a license to perform abortion, beginning July 1

I'll bet Planned Parenthood is making toasts right about now.


  1. "Clearly, there are big bucks in the abortion biz."

    Its interesting prolifers always spew that line but you never seem to have a problem with the big-business insurance companies which are actually for-profit and deny care to very needy people while dishing out millions of dollars in bonuses a year.

    And did it ever cross your mind that PP is making the changes because they realize that their mission is to provide reproductive care to women and that they are now their only life-line?

  2. Jackie, businesses are in business to make money. When you buy an insurance policy, the policy itself states what is covered, and what is not. It also states annual and lifetime maximum pay-outs. If you are denied a claim, you can appeal.

    A lot of those 'needy people' you refer to, had the option to buy insurance, but passed on it. To come back and say this is the insurance companies fault, is ludacris. It was a risk they took, and it didn't pay off.

    What you are saying is that the insurance execs should share their bonuses with the needy. How do you know they don't? They get big tax write-offs for donations so it's only logical reasoning to assume that they donate to charity.

    "And did it ever cross your mind that PP is making the changes because they realize that their mission is to provide reproductive care to women and that they are now their only life-line?" - You mean like the abortion mega-center built in Houston, in preparation for abortion on demand paid for by taxpayers? Yeah sure