Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pro-Abortion Activist Pre-Planned Her Unborn Baby's Death

image New Jersey's abortion rate is approximately 50% higher than the national average.  So it's no surprise that this culture of fetal death led Jessica DelBalzo to an early decision.  In her recent RH Reality Check article, "My Happy Abortion: One Woman's Guilt-Free Story", Jessica admits:
I remember thinking and even saying aloud that I would abort if I got pregnant as a teenager.
Jessica went on to give birth to two children, good thing for them they were 'wanted'.
Then, as a young twenty-something, I became eager to have children – and I welcomed two very wanted, well-loved babies into the world.
And then:
Once things began to deteriorate between their father and I, I knew without a doubt that any future pregnancy we faced would be terminated
And so it happened.  Jessica got pregnant, and fulfilled her 'promise' to herself (and the pro-abort sisterhood).  She was finally granted the opportunity to experience abortion first hand.  What else is a pro-abortion activist supposed to do?  She tells of her decision not to have twilight sleep, only choosing a local anesthetic.  She wanted the full experience.  I suppose that makes her a heroin in pro-abort minds. 

Pre-planning your child's death, that's so pro-choice.

*Photo from RHRealityCheck profile

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