Monday, June 6, 2011

Abortion Advocates Recommend Dangerous Self-Abortion

From Serena at Feminists For Choice:
image "Women should absolutely be able to take control of their bodies into their own hands. Taking mifepristone and misoprostol outside of a health center should not be deemed illegal." (emphasis is mine)

So much for safe.  Pro-choice doesn't care about the safety of women.


  1. Completely agree. A lot of women cannot afford an abortion because pro-lifers have made it increasingly difficult for them to get. If because of lack of funds a women has to resort to such extreme measures she should not be charged with a crime.

  2. Jackie, did you not read the statement? Taking abortion drugs is dangerous. Advocating the use of these drugs without being under medical supervision is careless.

  3. Nice post and so much for the pro-choice mantra, "Keep abortion Safe, Legal, and Rare."

    Keep abortion safe (for women who want to kill their babies) Legal (or not, who cares as long as murder is an option) and rare (as in 3,700 times a day and hopefully many more that happen at home that the statisticians can't even begin to count).

    Ian John Philoponus

  4. Thanks Ian, Just so you know, the 'Safe, Legal, and Rare', is being changed to 'Safe, Legal, and Funded', which Jackie backs up with her comment.

    They know abortion is not rare, they don't care.

  5. you're right, I don't care. If a woman needs an abortion, I support her.