Saturday, June 18, 2011

ABC NEWS/Politics Shows Biased Abortion Promos

I don't why I was shocked, but I was.  I went to the ABC NEWS/Politics website to view an article about Mitt Romney and Herman Cain opting out of signing SBA's pro-life pledge.  As I was attempting to read the article, the video above it was on auto-play.  I actually found it quite annoying that it was playing while I was trying to read. I heard commercials play, such as Carrie Underwood for Olay, and another commercial for some type of cookie, Fruit Newtons? or something like that. 

Then I heard abortion stats. What?  I scrolled up and saw a Guttmacher abortion promo!  I was stunned, and quite annoyed.  A few minutes later I heard a voice I immediately recognized as Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood.  She was defending Planned Parenthood against defunding.

You can see at the bottom right of both images below, "Auto Start On Off", obviously it was on.  Had it not been, I would never have known the videos were there.  I am saddened and sickened by ABC's bias on the issue of abortion.




  1. So it becomes ABC's fault that you saw a commercial paid for by Planned Parenthood?

    I guess a lack of 'bias' in your world would be where ABC refuses to run Planned Parenthood's ads because of their advocacy of abortion rights. Heaven forfend that ABC might take the risk that you'd see something, at some time, with which you disagree. Don't they know the job of a news organization is to keep people ignorant?

    Now, I clicked through and my auto-play advertisement was for Nature Valley granola bars. Is there some way you can spin that into a grand conspiracy to push a pro-rolled oats worldview?

  2. Null - To be UNbiased, ABC and others must show neither Pro nor Anti abortion videos. What a concept!

  3. Or, to be unbiased, they could run advertisements from both pro- and anti-choice groups. What a concept!

    But they can't run what they don't have, and they certainly aren't going to run anything they haven't been paid for. If PP is the only organization in the abortion issue that's bothered to run commercials on ABC's site, then that will be what people see.

    In order to prove bias, you must show that ABC would refuse to run an equivalent advertisement defending the removal Title X funding from Planned Parenthood. Frankly, I'd like to see that myself, since the Title X funding is not for abortions due to the Hyde Amendment, but for checkups, pap smears, cancer screenings, contraception, prenatal care, etc. It would be instructive to see the anti-choice crowd firmly stake out its position of complete indifference to the health of women.