Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Wonder If Pro-Choice 'Christians' Agree With Amanda Marcotte?

I know a lot of people have, but I have not read a lot of what Amanda Marcotte has written.  This tweet however, tells the story about the morals, or rather the lack of morals, of pro-choice.


Sure Amanda, you need religion to believe that stealing, raping, and murdering are wrong too.  Oh, and did I mention killing innocent human fetuses is wrong?  It is.

For reference, the link in the tweet is here.


  1. Are you an idiot? Do you know what Birth Control is? Abortion ("Discarding"—not killing—of a human EMBRYO) is not Birth Control. Birth Control is a method that you apply in order to prevent conception.

  2. You needn't come here calling names. If you desire debate, fine. If you desire to ridicule, you needn't come back.

    You may want to read the linked post below, before you open your mouth any wider.

    Just the term 'Birth Control' should give you a clue. Did they call The Pill 'ovulation control'? No. The Pill is one of many things that controls birth. You know, like abortion.