Saturday, October 1, 2011

Abortion Breeds Disrespect For Innocent Human Beings

imageI saw this photo on Facebook and I cringed.  The status update indicated the baby was left in a bin, and was covered with ants.  I don't know how old the picture is, whether it was a recent tragedy, or one that's floated around on the internet for years.  I don't know the location.  I don't know the sex of this baby.  I don't even know the ethnicity. 
What I do know is that innocent babies are left to the elements of nature, more often than we think.

Take this recent article "Baby found at rubbish dump recovering", in imageBloemfontein South Africa.  
A newborn baby boy found wrapped in a blanket at a rubbish dump near an informal settlement in Bloemfontein was doing well in hospital on Monday. 
ER24 paramedics found the baby boy with its umbilical cord still attached to the placenta. He was hypothermic and struggling to breathe.
Appelgryn said the baby had bite marks on his skin from ants while he was lying at the dump.

Or, there is the story of South Carolina's Orenthia McCuller, who abandoned her baby, umbilical cord still attached, by leaving him outside the laundry room of her apartment complex.  There was no need to throw the baby out like trash.
South Carolina's Safe Haven Act, also called Daniel's Law, lets mothers leave an infant that is unwanted or unable to be cared for with a hospital or hospital outpatient facility, law enforcement agency, fire station, emergency medical services station, or any staffed house of worship during the hours the facility is staffed.
I know that even adamant pro-choicer's will say they denounce this type of action, but I have to wonder. 

What I most often hear from pro-choicer's, is that if these mothers had greater access to abortion, these despicable acts would be less frequent.  In other words, the mother should be allowed to kill the baby in utero, so they're not left to abandon it after birth.  The pro-choicer's will make excuses for the women who abandoned these babies.  She was poor, or abused, etc.  They won't hold accountable the one person who had the power to prevent this tragedy, the mother herself.

What I don't hear, is the honest truth; that abortion breeds disrespect for human babies.  For if you can condone the act of abortion, and you can condone the act of a mother abandoning her newborn, what heinous act will you condone next?

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