Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Prochoicer's Embracing the F-Word

This was too good to pass on.  We need to add a ***PROFANE LANGUAGE WARNING***, because unlike the pro-aborts, we do care what people think about us.

Check out this twitter convo.  One party being @AbortionGang, the other, well there were several others. 
Do you see any 'holier than thou' in the picture above? I certainly do.  I see condescension, intolerance of another's ideas (jealousy maybe?), a bit of butt kissing, and a whole LOT of the pot calling the kettle black! 
Of course, I HAD to look further into it. What is all this about?  Seems there is competition in the pro-abort campaign world. 
It all started with this, from BackupYourBirthControl.org's Tumblr account. Spend some time there. See what they are teaching our children!
And AbortionGang's answer was this:
Just a few items from the AbortionGang post referenced above.  From Chere, the author:
The Top Six Insulting Fucking Reasons Why NARAL/NIRH Thinks You Should Use EC:

1) Because if you don’t remember his last name, you probably didn’t remember to use a fucking condom.

2) In the sober light of day, you don’t actually want to have his fucking children.
3) Getting pregnant after you didn’t even get off would be the fucking cherry on top.
4) It’s more effective than your other plan, which is watching a fucking Top Chef marathon.
5) You’ve spent 40 dollars on a lot stupider fucking shit before.
6) Women haven’t always had access to emergency contraception – be a fucking feminist already.
So listen up: I am ALL about backin’ up your bc with some ec, okaaaay, BUT the end does not in any way, shape or form justify the means.  Do not think that portraying us as flippant, self-centered and irresponsible is any sort of way to relay a message to us or encourage us to retweet/post/share some bullshit site.  We are much smarter, wittier and better at using f-words than you are.
A pro-abort blog trying to out F-word another pro-abort blog.  Way to go ladies!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  You make it so easy to point out the absolute HORRIBLE role models you are.
Oh, about one of @AbortionGang's comments in the first picture.
The piece up today is the opinion of one of our writers, not all of us.
Can anybody say hypocrite? I can.  What about  'holier-than-thou'?
Not even yours abortion gang, not even yours.
Funny how using fancy words covers up the "I'm better than you" attitude.  It doesn't.

                *********U P D A T E*********

I saw this tweet by Steph Herold aka @IAmDrTiller aka @abortiongang.   Apparently, Feministing had a little jealousy of their own, and jumped right in the middle of the dispute. 
Vanessa writes:
Now on to the controversy. When I first saw that Tumblr, I was thrilled to see an organization (one I admittedly used to work for) take a refreshing, funny and bold messaging strategy
I guess what I’m saying is that demonizing an awareness campaign for addressing the fact that people have unprotected sex is shaming in itself. More specifically, it shames the people who have had those experiences, because sometimes — let’s face it folks, a lot of times – this is what happens. Saying that having unprotected sex is “flippant” and “self-centered” is shaming.
Sure Vanessa.  From your post:
I had consensual unprotected sex fully knowing the consequences of that action, and took EC the next day.
I’ve also had consensual sex with a person whose last name I didn’t know. Does that make me a “drunken slut”?
I suppose the answer to the last question would be - 'That depends on whether or not you were drunk'?
Feministing shaming AbortionGang for criticizing shaming BackUpYourBirthControl.  Next?

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