Saturday, March 5, 2011

#prochoice Advocates Killing Human Beings

Clearly, it doesn't matter to choicers whether they are human beings or not. What we call them may be irrelevant, but what they are, as human beings, is not.  Choicers know they are human beings, hence the 'Nobody'.

UPDATE:  @juliewashere88 supplies a link that leads to NOW's list of 7 women who died because of illegal unsafe abortion. 
Visit the Blackmun Wall instead.  It's a extensive list of women that died from LEGAL abortion.


  1. Human beings in the unborn stage have an absolute and inalienable right to use the bodies of their mothers for nine months. We have this right because it is our nature as placental mammals. ALL rights are based on the nature of the living being in question. They CANNOT be based on anything else.

    The abortionist mentality is contrary to our nature as placental mammals and is therefore completely false. It is essentially hanging in midair as it has no foundation in anything. The abortionists are asserting a "right" which has no basis in biology and is based on satisfying their psychological needs, nothing else.

  2. The NOW site, I mind you, lists only seven of the more than 281 million women that have been killed by anti-choice laws. The reason why we don't know the names of all 281 million-plus women killed by anti-choice laws is because laws prohibited hospitals and coroner offices from declaring deaths as being caused by childbirth. The death rate from childbirth and abortion is MUCH, MUCH higher that what the anti-choice activists AND the media are telling us.

  3. Joe - Babies do have that right, unfortunately, it's not a legal right. Hopefully soon they will.

    jovan b. - 281 million??? Can you cite the source for that figure? Also, what laws are you referring to that prevented proper reporting of deaths? You realize that if the figures of maternal deaths, and deaths by illegal abortion should indeed be much higher, than the figures for legal abortion deaths would also be much much higher? Legal abortion deaths would still far outnumber illegal ones.