Sunday, April 22, 2012

Planned Parenthood SEX and ABORTION

I just read a post on Ms. blog where an 'older lady' (Shirley Grant) 'tells off a congressman', you can see the video at the link.  First of all, she didn't tell the congressman off.  What she did do was politely voice her daughters opinion; she parroted what her daughter told her about Planned Parenthood and birth control.
My daughter says, “Throw out the word ‘birth control,’ Mom. Planned Parenthood isn’t that.” She says it is for hormone replacement, and that means you use those pills for many, many, many different areas of women’s lives. I find it very offensive that men think they can tell women what to do with their own life. I think the political arena is making a big mistake when they don’t work with Planned Parenthood, instead of against it. They do so many good things.
Of course Planned Parenthood is about birth control.  What would be the point otherwise? Ms. Shirley said Planned Parenthood is about prevention.  I can't argue with that.  They do make an impact in preventing pregnancy, and sexually transmitted infections.  But their main income is in preventing unborn babies, from being born alive.  Their main income is from killing babies in utero.  Their main income is abortion.  Why would anyone support an organization that gets it main income (or any portion of it) from killing babies?

Ms. Shirley's been duped into thinking Planned Parenthood is all about women's health.  They're not!  They are about promoting the sexualization of young people, and then supposedly preventing diseases and pregnancy, both caused from sex, and preventing live babies from being born, who were created from that same sex.  Planned Parenthood is about SEX!!! 

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  1. What is your source regarding Planned Parenthood's income? All I see here is a rant, an opinion. Where are your facts, your statistics?

    Young people have been having sex for eons. It's what we're biologically wired to do. Planned Parenthood didn't invent teen sexuality.

    Abortion services make up about 3% of Planned Parenthood's activities, which you could see for yourself if you bothered to do any research. And no, that number did not come from Planned Parenthood's website. You can find this information at any number of media sites. Aside from providing contraception and testing for STDs, they also screen for cancer (16% of their activities).

    I've noticed that people who accuse others of parroting information are usually huge "parroters," themselves.