Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pro-Choice Supports Hatred For The Unborn

I don't know which bothers me more.  The fact that this pro-abort admits she doesn't care that a 16 week fetus has clearly defined genitalia, or the fact that other pro-aborts support her, in her apparent hatred for the unborn.  You don't think so?  Yes they do, and they would support her if she said the same about an 8 month fetus.  They would support her if she was 8 months pregnant herself, and wanted an abortion.  They would support her by finding an abortionist to do the job.  They would support her by helping her fund the abortion.  YES THEY WOULD!


Did you know at 16 weeks, besides having clearly defined genitalia, a human fetus hears external voices, sleeps and dreams?  Pretty cool huh! Watch the video below, and keep in mind that IT IS LEGAL TO KILL THAT BABY FOR ANY REASON!

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