Saturday, August 18, 2012

Abortion Proponents Use Dead Teenager To Further Abortion Agenda

By now, you’ve all heard about the 16 year old in the Dominican Republic, who died from complications of leukemia.  As the doctor stated in the video below, she had a very poor prognosis when she was admitted to the hospital, not so much because she was pregnant, but because of the characteristics of her kind of leukemia.  

But would the pro-aborts pass up a chance to scream that a pro-life law, such as they have in the Dominican Republic, kills women?  No, of course they wouldn’t!  Here are a few of the tweets I’m referring to.




You get the idea.  All the tweets carry the same message, that the girl died because she couldn’t have an abortion.  This is nonsense.  Would an abortion followed by chemo have saved her? It's unlikely, due to the severity of the leukemia. Unfortunately, we will never know.

For the record, it would have been acceptable, even preferable, for her to have received chemo when she was initially diagnosed with leukemia, whether or not she was pregnant.  The chemo may have caused her to miscarry, but the chance of saving the girls life would have been greater.  Or, she and the baby may have died anyway, but they also may have both lived.

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