Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sex Selective Abortions, Here and Now

A Guest Post By Anonymous
True story.
There is a couple currently utilizing obstetric services from an OB/Gyn in the practice where I am currently employed. They conceived intentionally. They have a young daughter. They are currently at 14 weeks gestation. They have pressed the OB to order an amniocentesis for the sole purpose of determining gender. They will abort their child if it is a girl.
Yay for feminism! Score one for the bodily autonomy of the female. Satirical commentary (in case you had to ask).
My thoughts: I fear this happens a lot more often than we are aware.  I hope the doctor flatly refused. Perhaps Anonymous will keep us updated on the outcome of this horrific case.

***Update - The baby was allowed to live, because he happened to be boy.  Lucky for him.

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  1. Breaking story in the last two days in the UK -- baby girls are being killed in so-called "civilised" developed countries too. :/