Sunday, January 22, 2012

Accessory to Murder

A guest post by Robert Bickel

Accessory to Murder

It’s a sad fact that murder is committed every day, in every country. Sometimes a murder is committed for vengeance. Sometimes for “religious” reasons. Oftentimes it is committed for money.

Here in the United States, an “accomplice” is one who is present and may even participate in the crime. An “accessory” is someone who has knowledge of a crime being committed or will be committed, and fails to report it. You can also be an accessory if you help the perpetrator in some way.

Let’s examine those who help the practitioners of infant murder, stay in business-----

1. Real estate broker/agent—helps with finding the “right place” and negotiating lease terms—and profits from it.

2. Landlord—gives them a place to commit the crime—and profits from it.

3. Maintenance personnel—makes sure things are kept running—and profits from it.

4. Lawn care—they make sure the “business” is presentable to the public—and profit from it.

5. Attorney—represents killers—and profits from it.

6. Medical supplier—yes, these people make sure the “procedures” continue with the right tools and supplies—and profit from it.

7. Office equipment supplier—provides the tools and maintenance to keep machines running, so records of the killings can be maintained—and profit from it.

8. Utilities provider—provides the necessary services for an efficient operation.

· Phone company—instrumental in making sure appointments can be made and kept—and profit from it.

· Electric company—instrumental in making sure there is plenty of light and electricity for killing the baby—and profit from it.

· Water company—instrumental in delivering an ample supply for sanitation and cleaning up after the killing—and profit from it.

· Gas company—making sure everyone is comfortable—except the baby. and they profit from it.

9. Advertisers—every business needs to advertise—don’t they?

· Billboards—informs and keeps the “service” in the minds of people—and profits from it.

· Signage company—puts the sign on the building, so people know right where to go and have the “problem” taken care of (and they profit from it).

· Phone book—gives the necessary information so people can call and get the process started (and they profit from it).

· Internet service provider, webhost, web designer—After all, abortion clinics, terrorists, pornographers, racist groups have to “get the word out” (and some one profits from it).

10. Post office—makes sure correspondence is picked up and delivered—and profits from it.

11. “Waste collection”—these people help with collecting dead babies and baby parts so they can be disposed of according to governmental regulations—and profit from it.

12. Receptionist—“helps” people with questions, directions, appointments and the necessary paperwork—and profits from it.

13. Security—makes sure everyone at the “facility” is kept safe—except the baby—and profits from it.

14. Counselor—gives women advice so an “informed” decision can be made—and they profit from it.

15. Insurance company—they ensure operations will resume after an accident or disaster—and profit from it.

16. Elected officials—they enact and uphold laws which permit the killing of babies—and profit from it (with our money).

Have you noticed a pattern? …..”and they profit from it.”

Unfortunately, this is not a complete list of “accessories to murder”. You may be thinking of even more who are involved. The cancer is indeed widespread.

“For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil:….” (American Standard Version)

What if, one or more of those mentioned above, decided to say “NO, I/we will not help murder babies anymore, and profit from it”? It takes courage to do the right thing, doesn’t it?

Robert bickel Jan. 2012


  1. Great post! So many people are complicit in abortion, and we need to be talking about that more than we are.

  2. MPQ - Complicit is right. People don't think about it, because they don't want to think about it. It's easier on the conscience just to ignore it.