Monday, July 25, 2011

Pro-Aborts Want Choice, Unless You're 14 And Want To Keep Your Baby

Robin Marty's latest article for RH Reality Check, "Anti-Choice Activists Applaud 14 Year Old Giving Birth". 

First, let me re-title that article for Robin, "Pro-Life Activists Applaud 14 Year Old Giving Life".  Yes, that's much better.

Robin was referring to a press release from the Pennsylvania Pastors Network.  Not surprisingly, there was no link to it. 

A 14-year-old girl was granted an emergency injunction last week because she didn’t want to abort her baby—even though her parents did.

The Independence Law Center helped the girl from York, Pa. , to fight the abortion in court. The mother and stepfather of the girl had scheduled an abortion for their daughter against her wishes and against the wishes of the family of the unborn child’s father.

“This is a hard road ahead for this young girl, but we applaud her and the future paternal grandparents of the child for standing up for life,” said Colin Hanna, president of the Pennsylvania Pastors’ Network and Let Freedom Ring. “Although this girl is in a difficult situation today, it is a blessing that she has chosen not to make a mistake that would end a child’s life.”

The court-ordered injunction was presented to the girl’s parents and Planned Parenthood of York.

Robin's final comment

I can only hope that these "paternal grandparents" are taking her in and caring for her as well, because this girl is going to need a whole lot of help.

solidifies what pro-lifers have been saying all along.  The only help pro-choice is willing to give, is help with abortion.  If you decide to keep your baby, you're on your own.

And as Jivin J said "Nevermind that attempted forced abortion".  All for choice, unless your choice is to give life. Sad isn't it? 


  1. so sad, and even worse that people accept that point of view without thinking about it too much ... people are only willing to help out with the "easiest" choice :(

  2. This doesn't surprise me at all. Robin makes it clear she would support forcing this girl to abort.

  3. Good for that young lady!! At 14 she has more strength and selflessness than I did at 18 and 21. I applaud her!!

  4. So what is your response to a 14 year-old who wants an abortion but her parents don't?

    Oh, right. Parental notification laws, so that the parents can prevent her from obtaining that abortion.

  5. That's right Null. Her parents have the right to make life affirming decisions for her, and their grand-child too.

  6. So basically, when the girl wants an abortion and the parents don't, then they have the right to override her wishes. But when the parents want the girl to have an abortion, and the girl doesn't, then they have no right to override her wishes.

    That's a fascinating double standard you have there. Not that it surprises me to see you talking out of both sides of your face. I've watched you do that plenty of times before, and it is always instructive to see how cavalierly dishonest one has to be to "uphold the highest standards".

    Now, I personally believe that the 14-year-old is in the right, but I would also believe the same thing if the situation were reversed. That's what being pro-choice means, contrary to your persistent and deliberate misrepresentations.

  7. The difference in our beliefs, is the end result. Either the baby lives, or it dies.

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  9. Nullifidian -

    What would be your response to grandparents who wanted to kill their two day old grandchild?

    And what would be your response to their fourteen year old daughter if she wanted to kill her two day old baby and they wanted to stop her?

    Get it????

    PS. Spare me your sentience and "individuation" arguments about unborn babies. Irrelevant and illogical, not to mention bad science.