Sunday, February 27, 2011

Forgetting Babies in the Politics of Abortion

At The Anti Abortion Gang blog, we will be voicing our opinions and beliefs, taking apart tweets, blogs, articles, and whatever else we find.  Our goal is to make people aware of what is going on in the minds of pro-aborts, because most people don't know.  But they will.

This Abortion Gang post I just read is a good place to start. So let's go! I've taken several tidbits from the post. My comments regarding them are in RED.
"Women need abortion. Some need it to stay alive."
The maternal mortality rate in the U.S. is approximately 8 per 100,000.  Using maternal mortality as an excuse, and they do, abortion advocates are responsible for +/- 1.2 million fetal deaths each year in the U.S..
"Others need it to maintain their happiness and health"
For those not involved in the prolife movement, 'happiness' is SEX without consequences. They might think about 'health' before having sex, rather than risking an undesired pregnancy and/or STD/STI.
"The abortion debate, however, revolves around the fetus."
Well Duh!  It is the fetus that dies (violently) when abortion is performed, isn't it?  So yes, the abortion debate does (and should) revolve around the fetus.
The questions asked about abortion include “does the fetus feel pain? Is the fetus alive? Is the fetus a person? Does the fetus deserve rights?” and women, despite being the ones most directly affected by pregnancy and abortion, are completely forgotten. If you take all of these questions and replace “fetus” with “women” then you get very clear answers; yes, women feel pain. Yes, women are alive. Yes, women are people, and yes, women deserve rights. However, despite the conspicuity of these questions, we fail to implement these basic ideas in real life. In our minds, we (well, most of us) recognize that women are persons deserving of equal rights. In our actions and debates, however, we ignore this fact and act like it isn’t true. We always come back to the fetus, while neglecting the woman involved.
Again, it's not the woman that DIES when an abortion is performed.  The answers to the above questions regarding a fetus: YES YES YES YES!!!!  So they think they're being neglected?  Only if they demand 100% of the attention, which they do.  It takes strength and resolve to carry a pregnancy to term, something prochoicers are severely lacking.

Regardless of whether a fetus is a baby or a blob, each woman has autonomy over her own body and no one can use her body against her will.
There should be little doubt in your mind now, that pro-aborts could care less that it's a baby they kill by abortion.  They must protect their autonomy at all costs.

Had enough?  You can read the rest at the link posted above, if you have the stomach.  Unlike pro-choice blogs that don't want to send web traffic to pro-life blogs, I'd love for you to go into pro-choice territory.  You really have to see it to believe it.

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