Sunday, November 25, 2012

TYT on The Turnaway Study

There are so many flaws with the Turnaway Study, it’s laughable.  First, one need only look at their website or their Facebook page, to see the obvious bias, and what they are trying to do, which is to validate abortion.

The video below is a report from The Young Turks (TYT), on the Turnaway Study.  Let’s watch and listen.

Take note of the screen shot below, specifically, the 1st bullet point. What does this tell you?  You have to reverse the psychology of what is obviously an attempt to justify abortion.  That 1st bullet point could just as well read:  “No mental health consequences of women denied abortions" Full. Stop. 


The 2nd bullet point “Later abortion is safer than childbirth”, may be true, if of course you don’t count the baby who is killed by it.  There was another article which quoted the following:

We find physical health complications are more common and severe following birth (38% experience limited activity, average 10 days) compared to abortion (24% limited activity, average 2.7 days). There were no severe complications after abortion; after birth complications included seizure, fractured pelvis, infection and hemorrhage. We find no differences in chronic health conditions at 1 week or one year after seeking abortion. [emphasis is mine]

Using the fact that women who have given birth, need time to recuperate?  Really? 

And lastly, the 3rd bullet point indicates that having children can put you in the poor house.  No one ever said raising kids was cheap, and no one I know killed their unborn children because they couldn’t afford them.

Now, go back to the video and listen at around the 1:20 mark.  Listen as the female co-host jumps in saying the overall feeling of the women who had abortions, was relief.  That’s cool, I can deal with that.  But she followed that by saying that the women who were denied abortions, had to deal with the stress of being stuck in a situation where either physically, emotionally, or financially, they knew they were not going to be able to handle.  EXCEPT THEY WERE!!!


The stats speak for themselves.  86% of the women who were denied an abortion, were still living with their babies a year later, while 11% put their babies up for adoption.  What pro-life has been saying all along, is that women will most likely keep their babies, if they’re not allowed to legally kill them in the womb.


  1. I agree, it would definitely appear that the Turnaway study are using subconscious techniques to promote their Pro-choice attitude. In order to facilite a study the researchers must be objective to represent both sides of the debate. Being from the UK our Abortion Law is viable up until 24 weeks. It is scary to think we are bringing up children with the knowledge of abortion as a 'saftey net', let alone say in the first 3 months, but into such late stages it is disgraceful. The binge drinking culture of the UK is increasing the degree of unplanned pregnancies. There needs to be education in place to teach people of the other options that are available. Perhaps abortion is justified in the very early stages with the 'morning after pill' and perhaps up until at the most 10 weeks. But to think an unborn baby at 24 weeks can be aborted when there is a 36% percent chance that the baby would survive if born at this stage is disgusting. I'd love to hear your opinion on abortion in the case of predicted disability and the development of technology supporting disabilty after birth. I have developed this issue on my blog;

    1. "Perhaps abortion is justified in the very early stages with the 'morning after pill' and perhaps up until at the most 10 weeks."

      I don't agree that early abortion is ethical, even as early as the morning after pill would be taken. We all began as a 'fertilized egg' so to speak. All unborn babies (at any stage) be protected.

  2. Pro-Choice folk should be able to appreciate this most dark, factual, humor - you won't ____ __

  3. Abortion is a curse to all of us. It is innocent blood spilled. I have been so compelled by the tragedy of it lately, that I have put some thoughts to music... from a baby's perspective. If you care to listen: