Sunday, September 9, 2012

We’ve Come A Long Way Baby!

I saw the tweet above awhile ago.  From "The British Pregnancy Advisory Service”, also known as BPAS, also known as Britain's largest single abortion provider. 
I seriously doubt women in the US have late term abortions for reasons much different than women in the UK, so I think this audit is valid for women here as well.
“BPAS’ staff audited every request for abortion above 22 weeks’ gestation during a randomly-chosen consecutive 28 day period in 2008.”
Of the 32 women audited, only one was for fetal abnormality.
#19 Woman is 23 years old and is 22 weeks pregnant. Couple already has two young children. This was a planned pregnancy. Severe facial abnormalities were detected during a routine ultrasound scan. The request for abortion was made following discussions with the care team attached to the local maternity unit. The plastic surgeon had said that, if the baby were born, it would need to undergo repeated surgeries and face a poor quality of life. The NHS unit was prepared to end the pregnancy, but had been unable to give the woman a date for this. The couple felt they “needed closure” and could not cope with the uncertainty of waiting. They paid privately to attend a BPAS clinic.
Not all of the 32 women audited, had abortions. Some were too close to the legal gestational limit, while others couldn’t get an appointment with NHS (for government paid abortion) within the legal time-frame.
For their reasons for abortion, I found “unable to cope”, the main reason women abort.  To me this is sad.  Other reasons include:
  • Girl feels too young to have a baby. (Not too young to have sex though)
  • Woman and partner were served with eviction notice
  • Mother with two children who feels she just can’t cope with a third.
In the United States, about 1.5% of abortions are performed at or beyond 21 weeks LMP. 
So when you hear a pro-abort defend later term abortions, remind them that approximately 10,000 babies aborted annually in the US, were a few short weeks from viability.  And remind them that feminism’s way of helping women cope, is for them to kill their unborn children.


  1. They defend it themselves every time they shriek 'all nine months any reason'. The few that run to medical indication as a lame defense end up shrieking the same thing when you call them out on it. Plenty of documentation on why women abort late term-hell, Tiller's records are public domain now. The fact is, the final call is made by the abortionist. Oh, how they hate to admit that.

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